How to store your cannabis products safely

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Whether you are an old friend of cannabis or just getting to know the plant, it is pretty important to know how to store it right and safely to keep things fresh and fiery. And nope, it is not just about shoving them in some drawer or closet. There are a few cool scientific rules to play by getting them right will make a world of difference.

In this post, we endeavour to educate you about the necessary processes to maintain the freshness and strength of your cannabis items. We will scrutinise the factors that potentially deteriorate your cannabis and dispense actionable advice on accurate storage practices. Join us in this comprehensive guide to guarantee the ideal condition and extended lifespan of your cannabis stocks.

Realising the vitality of appropriate cannabis storage

Building upon the previously shared information, it should be clear why the correct storage of cannabis is indispensable. The aspect of safety is paramount when addressing cannabis storage. Errors in the storage process can introduce both direct and indirect hazards. For example, incorrect storage conditions could lead to the formation of mould on your cannabis, representing a health peril. There is also a risk of accidental ingestion of cannabis products by children or pets if left within their reach. Furthermore, cannabis, being an agricultural product, can attract pests. Consequently, storage methods that fail to protect your product may inadvertently facilitate pest infestation. Hence, it is advisable to adopt a secure, safe storage strategy for your cannabis products.

Guidelines for safe storage of cannabis

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Selecting the appropriate environment

A cool, dry, and dark environment, devoid of direct sunlight, best suits cannabis preservation. UV radiation can damage the plant’s potency and degrade its quality. A temperature-controlled environment, preferably below 25 degrees Celsius, is ideal for cannabis storage, as higher temperatures can accelerate deterioration and foster mould growth. These conditions will help retain the consistency, colour, and aroma, thereby ensuring the efficacy of your cannabis.

Opting for suitable containers

Utilising the right containers is integral to your cannabis storage protocol. Glass jars with airtight lids are typically the best option due to their non-porous nature, which isolates your cannabis products from ambient humidity changes and encapsulates their flavour. Plastic bags, which generate static electricity causing trichomes to attach to the sides, disrupting the product’s quality, should be avoided.

Ensuring the safety from children and pets

The significance of cannabis product safety around children and pets cannot be overemphasised. Always ensure your storage containers are securely placed out of their reach. For enhanced safety, consider procuring a lockable stash box. Regardless of the legal status of cannabis in your jurisdiction, whether in Thailand or elsewhere, safety remains paramount.

Specific storage instructions for various cannabis products

Having provided an overview of the safety and potency aspects of cannabis, let’s delve into the specifics. This segment includes precise guidance on correctly storing different types of cannabis products.

Storage of cannabis flower

Effectively preserving your cannabis flower emphasises its lastability and protects it from possible damage. It’s highly recommended to keep cannabis flowers in non-transparent, sealed containers, ideally crafted from glass or ceramic. These containers must be stored in a dimly lit, cool area where the temperature fluctuates between 15-21°C. Unfavourable hot or cold conditions may result in the drying out of cannabinoids and terpenes, thus negatively affecting the flower’s excellence and strength. Additionally, persistently secure the flowers out of accessibility to children and pets as a safety measure.

Storage of edibles

Edibles, too, require careful attention for safe storage. Predominantly, edibles should be treated in the same manner as other food items. Keep your cannabis edibles in airtight containers, and if refrigeration is necessary, ensure to adhere to it. Also, clearly label the products to prevent accidental intake. As with cannabis flowers, always store your edibles where children and pets cannot access them.

Storage of concentrates and vape cartridges

Cannabis concentrates and vape cartridges require specific storage practices. The ideal environment for storage is cool, dark, and dry. A compact, hermetically sealed glass container is recommended for concentrate storage. Ensure vape cartridges are stored upright with the mouthpiece upwards to avoid leakage and clogs. For safety, always keep your concentrates and vape cartridges out of reach of children, pets, and unauthorised individuals.

Familiarise yourself with the regulations in your jurisdiction. For instance, Thailand has stringent safety and storage protocols for cannabis. It is crucial to adhere to these protocols meticulously to preserve product quality and guarantee personal safety.

Common missteps in cannabis storage

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Excessive light and heat

In failing to store cannabis properly, many people overlook the negative impact of excess light and heat. Studies show that the optimal storage for cannabis lies in a cool, dark environment. Exposure to high temperatures can deteriorate cannabinoids – the active ingredients within cannabis – ultimately diminishing the product’s potency. Notably, such heat conditions can additionally foster the growth of mould. Constant exposure to light, especially UV light, further compromises cannabis quality by turning beneficial THC into non-psychoactive CBN.

Utilising unsuitable containers

The containers used for storing your cannabis products have a significant impact. Plastic bags or containers can generate static, leading to trichome damage. Additionally, plastic can leach chemicals over time, jeopardising the safety of your cannabis. In contrast, glass jars with airtight seals are considered ideal for cannabis storage.

Inadequate handling and cleaning

Cannabis storage also involves the often-overlooked aspects of handling and cleaning. Frequent handling can cause trichomes to break, thus reducing potency. Cleaning is not merely about removing residue from your containers, incorrect cleaning can encourage bacterial and fungal growth. In locales such as Thailand, where local regulations underline the importance of cleanliness and handling, safety remains paramount in cannabis storage.

Consequently, always store your stash securely away from children and pets. Compliance with local regulations is more than just responsible usage; it ensures the safety and potency of your cannabis.

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