Health Insurance

  • In case of any health complications or illnesses, check out what coverage health insurance provides and how much money you will receive for hospital admissions.


Property Insurance

  • Protect your home with property insurance and receive compensation from fires, floods, robbery and invasive damage to your property. Additional add-ons are also available to purchase along with your main policy.

Popular Insurances Products in Thailand

Life Insurance

Find out more about the 5 main groups of life insurance; Over 50s, level term life, whole of life, life insurance with pre-medical conditions and group life insurance.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Make sure you are covered with personal accident insurance, for any case of accidents, impairments, life changing conditions or even death.

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Motoring Insurance

Get car or motorbike insurance and stay worry free from any accidental damage. You can customise your coverage with our additional policy add ons including; Daily income compensation, travel allowance, asset coverage, and much more.

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Critical illness

Coverage for medical emergencies such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer are provided with critical illness insurance. Premiums are also tax-deductible with fully pay outs at any stage.

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Pet insurance

Protect your pet with pet insurance, providing them with the best possible medical treatment with plans addressing health, disease, injuries & more.

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Drone insurance

When flying in Thailand, you would need to obtain drone liability insurance for almost all forms of drones, whether it’s a hobby, photo or video drones or a larger commercial drones.

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Get coverage and feel safe with The Thaiger

Looking for insurance in Thailand? Want to find the plan for you? Whether you are on holiday in Thailand or you’ve been living in Thailand for many years, we can help you find the right policy for you.

Protect yourself from the cost of medical care, critical illness cover or personal accident cover and much more with The Thaiger.

We have a range of insurance product to choose from, helping you find the best option for you and make better-informed decisions.

Why get insurance with the Thaiger?

  • We offer a quick and easy way to find the perfect product for you, with help of our complete insurance guides.
  • Always up-to-date with accurate information about insurances, finance, travel, and other related topics.
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Types of insurance for Expats

1. Life Insurance – We offer all types of life insurance from, whole life, term life, over 50’s and even funeral coverage. We have policies from multiple insurance providers, ensuring you get the best coverage with the best rates.

2. Health Insurance – Whether you looking for health insurance just for you or you and your family’s. We have got your back, with health insurance that covers Pregnancy, dental care, mental health and much more. Get health insurance to cover you and your medical bills.

3. Personal Accident Insurance – Personal accident insurance offers worldwide compensation and payout in the event of damage, disability, or death related to violent, accidental, external, and noticeable incidents. Be assured that whatever could happen to you should be will be protected.

4. Car Insurance – A lot of unpredictable accidents occur both on the roads. Wherever you go, make sure you are covered for any accidents with car insurance. Additional coverage includes; Fire and theft, travel allowance, flood coverage and you also get dashboard camera discounts.

5. Motorbike Insurance – Get compulsory or voluntary motorbike insurance to maximise your coverage and reducing your risk of having to pay for any accidents. We have the best deals for all motorbike insurance packages such as, type 1, type 2 or type 3.

6. Travel Insurance – When travelling in and outside of Thailand, it is best to protect yourself and you’re belongings with travel insurance, as common mishaps such as luggage loss or flight delays can have a huge effect on your schedule. Having travel insurance is a quick fix to save you from dealing with any unplanned problems on your next trip.

FAQ about insurance in Thailand

1. What is the best health insurance for expats?

Whether you’re a tourist or you have spent years living in Thailand, you’re likely to need to see the doctor sooner or later. While Thailand costs for healthcare for most foreigners are usually manageable, medical expenditure can still be very high. A rising number of expatriates and global nomads have felt more secured by being covered with International health insurance during the pandemic. Many countries including Thailand have made it mandatory to be covered by health insurance or Covid-19 insurance before entering the country.

2. What is groups insurances?

Group insurance is a an insurance intended to cover a group of people comprised of members of an organisation, professional association or the company’s employees of a particular employer. Group insurance coverage can help reduce any unexpected occurrence or hospitalization due to an accident, disability, or sickness.

3. What is business insurances?

Business insurance is intended to cover Companies, from the threats they pose in their day-to-day activities. This involves covering the risks involved with working with other companies, consumers, staff, as well as data protection and company property.

4. What is the difference between life insurance and non-life insurance?

Non-life insurance plans centre on preserving the material and financial aspects of everyday life, such as homes, vehicles, other property, and financial losses, etc. Where life insurance is the umbrella term for any insurance that has to do with a person’s life, death, or funeral allowance.