Phuket Cannabis Cup After-Party: Keeping the excitement alive with Four Twenty

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Four Twenty is throwing the official after-party of the Phuket Cannabis Cup on December 3, 2023, from 5:00 to 11:00 p.m.!

This year, the 2nd Phuket Cannabis Cup will take place in Blue Tree Phuket, from December 1 to 2. It’s one of the biggest and most exciting events in Thailand’s cannabis industry – with a wide range of vendors, exciting activities, fabulous music, and, of course, lots and lots of cannabis. And to keep the excitement going, the well-known cannabis dispensary, Four Twenty, is hosting the official after-party at the same venue.

Phuket Cannabis Cup: Visit Four Twenty’s booth

Four Twenty is bringing their best products to the Phuket Cannabis Cup. You can find a wide variety of cannabis flowers, such as the potent hybrid strain Lucky Charms cultivated on their very own farm. Aside from the flowers, you can also find a collection of edibles, cannabis accessories, and merchandise. In addition, the presence of Four Twenty’s expert budtenders will undoubtedly enhance your experience. These professionals are on hand to provide valuable insights, answer your questions, and guide you in selecting the perfect product for your preferences.

The booth will be decorated with the signature Four Twenty style, so you can easily spot it amidst the Phuket Cannabis Cup’s buzz!

After-party: Foam party fun, fire performance, and more

While the Phuket Cannabis Cup promises an exhilarating event, the official after-party is where the true party spirit comes alive. After two days of deep diving into the world of cannabis cultivation, joining workshops, and building connections, the after-party is the time for you to relax, let loose, and socialise – no formalities, just pure, laid-back fun.Phuket Cannabis Cup

Four Twenty has gone the extra mile to ensure there’s never a dull moment. The casual affair will be held at the Blue Tree Phuket’s famous Crystal Lagoon, which serves as the perfect dance floor for a lively “beach” party. Here, renowned DJs will take centre stage, playing tracks that will get you dancing under the stars. But if dancing the night away on the sand isn’t enough for you, you can always splash around (and dance) with friends at the playful foam party. Yep, the sparkling waters of the Lagoon will be blanketed in bubbles, inviting you to bring out your inner child.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. The evening will also feature a breathtaking flyboard show. Watch in awe as skilled performers take to the skies, propelled by water jetpacks. Their acrobatics and manoeuvres will definitely make your jaw drop. And to add more thrills to the night, fire performances will get you oohing and aahing.

Feeling hungry? Don’t worry, Four Twenty has prepared an impressive array of culinary delights for the Phuket Cannabis Cup after-party. The selection is as diverse as it is delectable. From local delicacies to international flavours, the food and beverage options ensure that no one leaves with an empty stomach!

More cannabis and meet sponsors

The Phuket Cannabis Cup offers a chance to meet and build connections with other cannabis enthusiasts from around the world, and so does the after-party. Since the party has a more relaxed atmosphere, you can chat with them on a more intimate level.

And what’s an after-party for a cannabis event without cannabis? There will be booths from sponsors and partners, where you can explore and discover a wide range of cannabis products available.

You will find something intriguing at every corner of the Phuket Cannabis Cup and the after-party, so be sure to clear your schedule from December 1 to 3 and get ready for an awesome time.

If you want to get the latest updates and information about the Phuket Cannabis Cup and its official after-party, be sure to follow Four Twenty on Facebook and Instagram and visit their website!

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