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What is legal protection?

Legal protection is a service provided by a professional legal body intending to safeguard an individual’s or an organisation’s rights, interests and properties.

The main aim of legal protection is to ensure justice, fair treatment and equitable access to the legal system for all individuals, irrespective of their social or economic status.

The services provided under legal protection can range from representation in court to advise on legal matters and help with the preparation of legal documents.

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Application of legal protection

We are born with rights in today’s society. With that, the application or the extent to which these rights are used, expanded, or abused depends on the country, province, and area that you live in.

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Legal Protection | News by Thaiger

PERSONAL PLAN (795 THB / month)

Say goodbye to hefty agency fees!

Thai Legal Protection Personal Plan Benefits:

  • Unlimited visa / immigration and legal consultations
  • Phone access to experts when you need them
  • Legal letters or calls on member’s behalf following consultation
  • Assistance with contract reviews, lease disputes, real estate, family law
  • Preparation of Last Will, Living Will, and Power of Attorney.
  • Personal document translation

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Legal Protection | News by Thaiger

BUSINESS PLAN (4950 THB / month)

Say goodbye to huge retainer fees!

Thai Legal Protection Business Plan Benefits:

  • Unlimited consultations with Thai and English-speaking attorneys and immigration experts.
  • Thai and international visa, immigration and work permits.
  • Thai legal matters including labour law, immigration, company registration, BOI, contract reviews, tax law, or any other issue.
  • Fast answers from trusted experts and benefits you can use without additional legal fees.
  • There are monthly benefits included in this package

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FAQ about legal protection in Thailand

1. What is the legal system in Thailand?

In Thailand, You will find that the country operates under a civil law system which is dictated by regulations already instated in the judicial system as opposed to common law. The law itself is an amalgamation of traditional Thai law, Hindu legal concepts, and some Western law influences as well.

2. What rights do I have as a foreigner living in Thailand?

As a foreigner living in Thailand, you will generally have the same basic rights as Thai citizens. These rights include rights to protection under the law, access to the judicial system, and the protection of personal liberty. However, you will find that foreigners still lack some rights such as the ability to own property and in practice, the system is biased against foreigners which is why having a legal plan is essential for yourself or your business.

3. Is freedom of speech protected by law in Thailand?

In the Thai constitution, freedom of speech is officially recognized in the Thai constitution. This may be the case on paper but in practice, there are a number of laws that do restrict this such as defamation, lèse majesté (Insulting the monarchy), and any offences to national security. With that, do not let the remaining freedom of speech you have left be impeded and you should have a legal plan to protect it further,

4. Can foreigners start a business in Thailand?

There are restrictions on business ownership for foreigners in Thailand however it is possible for one to start up a business. In one manner a foreigner can start a business if they have a registration or Thai partner. With that, a business is liable to a variety of legal issues before and after its establishment.

Customer Testimonials for Thai Legal Protection

Sompong – Chonburi

“The attorney was an incredibly caring, knowledgeable and detailed attorney that I have now referred several friends and colleagues to as well… Not only would I never consider joining a different legal plan, I have convinced several of my colleagues to switch their enrollment to Thai Legal Protection.”


Jack Steem – Nakhon Pathom

” I joined Thai Legal Protection only a month ago. Now I wish I’d joined earlier as it would have saved me a ton of money and hassle. The attorney you assigned to fight my child custody was excellent! Very glad to know you’re on my side. Thank you.”


Asif – Bangkok

“I have been able to personally recommend the Thai Legal Protection membership plan to a number of people based on the excellent service and quality advice that I have received over the last two years whilst living in Thailand. I have been able to have a new will drawn up, have received advice and review of real estate contracts both in Bangkok and Pattaya, Immigration and visa advice of course, and many other small issues. I will continue to recommend Thai Legal Protection based on my personal experience.