Empowering equality: One-year launch of groundbreaking cannabis business by renowned LGBTQIA+ activist

June 22 will mark a significant milestone in the journey towards inclusivity and empowerment within the cannabis industry with the launch of High Maa-Lai’s Pride Party, a pioneering event spearheaded by Niran Hora, a prominent LGBT activist renowned for his tireless advocacy towards LGBTQIA+ gig worker equality and justice.

Combining a passion for cannabis and a commitment to LGBTQIA+ rights, Niran brings a wealth of experience from his work with a leading non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. With a vision to break stereotypes and foster a culture of acceptance, Niran ventures into the cannabis realm, aiming to create a safe space for all individuals, irrespective of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Empowering equality: One-year launch of groundbreaking cannabis business by renowned LGBTQIA+ activist | News by Thaiger
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As a beacon of progress within the industry, High Maa-Lai sets itself apart by not only delivering high-quality cannabis products at competitive prices, but also by championing diversity, inclusivity, and social responsibility. By leveraging his expertise as an activist, Niran seeks to raise awareness, drive positive change, and pave the way for a more equitable future for all.

In a statement regarding his one-year anniversary conveniently occurring this pride month, Niran emphasised, “This business is not just about selling cannabis; it’s about promoting a message of acceptance, love, and unity. Our goal is to create a platform where everyone feels welcome and valued, where we can celebrate our differences and similarities alike.”

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Photo courtesy of High Maa-Lai

Join Niran Hora on this groundbreaking journey towards a more inclusive and accepting world with the one year anniversary of High Maa-Lai, where there will be activities, drinks and amazing paintings put together by a community of renowned LGBT artists. Together, we can spark change, one joint at a time.


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