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Man drinks fabric softener mistaking it for water, hospitalised

A man in a highly intoxicated state mistook a bottle of fabric softener for water and consumed it entirely, causing severe convulsions. His friends promptly contacted the police for help. At 3.32am today, July 21, the Phra Khanong Police Station received an urgent call reporting...

11 hours ago

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Thai official shares fake news about Spanish football star Lamine Yamal

Professor Charoen Watthanasin, Vice Chairman of the Thai Olympic Committee, recently made headlines for sharing fake news about Spain's national football star Lamine Yamal. The online community is buzzing after Charoen posted a tweet on X (formerly Twitter) with an image of 17 year old ...

11 hours ago


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Former MP's Film Fiasco: Missing House Session for Movie Leads to Charges #4Kings #Thailand

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Monkey Business Protest: Peta Pushes Against Coconut Picking Primates #Monkey #Coconut #Thailand

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White Lotus Wows Koh Samui: TV Show Sparks Travel Frenzy #TheWhiteLotus #KohSamui #Thailand

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Thailand News July 19: Myanmar Couple Surrenders Over Iranian man and Thai wife’s Murder

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MFP Leader Asserts Party Won't Be Dissolved #MFP #Politics #Thailand #ThailandNews

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Business ties: Thailand extends visa-free stay for Hongkongers

Thailand's extension of visa-free visits for Hong Kong residents is expected to bolster business relations and entice more visitors from the financial hub, despite a recent murder-suicide incident in Bangkok, according to industry leaders. The tragic event, involving six people, has not deterred travel plans, they...

2 days ago

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