Why Sour Diesel is the go-to strain for energetic euphoria

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When it comes to the world of cannabis, few strains can boast a reputation as large as Sour Diesel. A staple for long-term cannabis users, the pungent, sour aroma of this bud is its main claim to fame, and while it’s also renowned for its earthy profile and citrus undertones, it became popularised by its properties. Sour diesel has been uplifting and calming the spirit of users since it was blended, a hybrid of classic strains Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. It quickly became the perfect strain for people seeking an energised night out on the town, or even to attend an anger-fuelled punk festival. Today, this sativa-dominant hybrid remains a go-to for cannabis connoisseurs, and for those looking to indulge in this legendary strain, then look no further than the Neverland OG Dispensary.

With its storefront located on Ratchayothin 15-15/1 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Chatuchak, Neverland is Bangkok’s premium dispensary for cannabis products and accessories. With a carefully curated catalogue of cannabis flowers, Neverland stocks a diverse range of buds with unique flavour profiles and effects which will exceed all of your expectations. If you think they don’t know what they’re talking about, make sure to check out their blog, you can see first-hand the unparalleled know-how of the enthusiasts who work in-store. This is where you can find their review of their top-shelf products, including their OG Sour Diesel which they recommend for its smoothness and ability to fuel your next social outing with friends.

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Benefits of Sour Diesel

But what if you aren’t feeling motivated to leave the house, or feeling stressed after a long day of work? Maybe you’re looking to kick back and start your next creative project or enhance your focus. A large part of Sour Diesel’s rise to fame is its ability to help combat fatigue and cause bursts of energetic euphoria for the user. Alongside improving your mood and relieving pain, Sour Diesel is a strain anyone in the market for cannabis must try.

Not sure if Sour Diesel is the right fit for you? Head in-store and speak with members of staff about what experience with cannabis you’re looking for, they are passionate and driven by helping customers have an unforgettable time with their products. Their friendly nature, expertise, and personal recommendations will guarantee that your next session is out of this world! Neverland alongside their flowers also stocks a range of premium goods, those from leading brands like STIIIZY, Cosmic Fog, and 710 Labs.

Convenient delivery options

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If you can’t make it in-store, then that’s okay too, because Neverland provides speedy same-day delivery. Using their website is simple and straightforward, so the cannabis of your dreams can be intently selected and delivered to your doorstep. They also deliver anywhere in Thailand by post, which is a lifesaver when you find yourself in another province craving a more unique experience.

If you’re looking for savings, make sure to check out their credit and reward scheme also, you cannot miss out on these bonuses if you are serious about cannabis! Neverland OG Dispensary provides a range of promotions which can help you cut down costs while still enjoying premium cannabis.


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