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  • Police Scams and Scandals in Thailand | GMT In today’s episode, Australia returns 9 ancient Buddha statues to Thailand after 112 years, Police Scams and Scandals in Thailand, the UN recognises princess’ work, Year in Search 2022 – Thailand, and Chinese women in ‘escort clip’ has left.

  • New THAILAND tourism subsidies and vouchers | GMT

    In today’s episode, Thai police swiftly arrest thief who robbed German tourist, Locals seek 5 billion baht from oil spill, Thailand promotes tourism with subsidies, vouchers nationwide, Phuket taxis: outsiders are undercutting our prices, and Thailand and Cambodia argue over origin of Muay Thai kickboxing.

  • Thief leaves an apology note in Chiang Mai, Thailand | GMT

    In today’s episode, More European tourists than Chinese in Hua Hin, officials say, MP says cannabis helps reduce Yaba addicts in Bangkok, Thief leaves an apology note in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Outcry over police VIP airport escort service

  • You can’t ‘buy anything from the Thai police’ | GMT

    In today’s episode, Grab Thailand signs up for government’s tax rebate shopping, Bonchon set for expansion with 200M baht, You can’t ‘buy anything from the Thai police’ – PM’s Office, Airport testing shows Covid numbers on arrival ‘very low’

  • Is BMW really Thailand’s favourite car? | GMT

    In today’s episode, Is BMW really Thailand’s favourite car?, China gives green light to Chinese tour groups, Sex Workers Bill will protect Thailand’s most-exploited, Taking aim at violent, sex offenders, and Maiden Flydubai direct Pattaya flight arrives

  • All you need to know about Chinese new year in Thailand | GMT

    In today’s episode, Commuters face railway woes, New public park in Bangkok to open after removal of 2 squatters, Thai man uses soy sauce to fake suicide, hoping to win wife back, Himalayan cherry trees bring splash of colour to northeast Thai province, All you need to know about Chinese New Year in Thailand and where to go.

  • Five Chinese airlines launched direct flights to Phuket | GMT

    In today’s episode, BMA launches free shuttle bus service for floating market, Five airlines launch direct flights between Phuket and China this week, Bank of Thailand blames dating app for phone hacking, Northeast Thai farmer is ‘selling’ fresh air, Tourism workers run short

  • Tourists outnumber hotel staff | GMT

    In today’s episode, Sea nomads take struggle over alleged land encroachment to Bangkok, Thai farmer makes 1 million baht per month selling buffalo semen, Hotels struggling with staff shortage, Thais target World Cup spot, Trouble breathing? Try singing!

  • Tough penalties for Thai nominees | GMT

    In today’s episode, Thailand’s Chiang Mai Zoo to open -10°C snow dome, Thailand among 25 countries with least paid leave days, Southern Thai man strikes gold with rare cobra encounter, CIB warns netizens of smartphone hacking risk, Foreigners must follow visa rules.

  • New Plan for tourism 2023 | GMT

    In today’s episode, Officials panic Thailand hits lowest birth rate in 7 decades, Thailand is the happiest of 7 regional APAC countries, survey says, Merged True-DTAC to be called True Corp, TAT unveils strategy to raise B2.38tn.

  • Will there be a legal casino in Thailand soon? | GMT

      In today’s episode, Legal casino in Thailand to be considered again tomorrow, Govt to introduce 300 baht tourist fee in June, Indian flight departs with 55 passengers left on bus, Condom usage reportedly drops among Pattaya sex workers, STDs increase, and More than 1,500 arrested in Thailand last year for gambling, online fraud

  • Thailand’s new traffic points deduction has begun | GMT

    In today’s episode, Over 500 drivers in Thailand have traffic points deducted on first day of new system, Phang Nga’s turtle nesting season continues with more nests discovered, Chinese heading to Phuket, Chiang Mai, Thailand informs airlines about removal of Covid-19 vaccine rule.  

  • U-turn on entry requirement | GMT

    In today’s episode, 2 Russian men report money missing from safe in Pattaya hotel, Unleash the power of Thai Cuisine: 7 health benefits of a Thai diet, Thailand U-turns on Covid-19 vaccine entry requirement, and Man lives in a tree for 3 years due to financial embarrassment.

  • Angry farang chases Thai-French woman who rejected him in Pattaya | GMT

    In today’s episode, Man attacked by teenagers on Airport Rail Link train, Angry farang chases Thai-French woman who rejected him in Pattaya, Thailand ranks 9th in 10 Cheapest Places to Live list by Forbes, Fleeing back to the provinces, Whale shark visits Thailand’s Koh Chang in rare sighting.

  • Lights out & Unfiltered | GMT

    In today’s episode, Thailand prepares measures to prevent influx of Covid-19, Pattaya set to welcome Chinese tourists, Thais can apply for a digital ID next week, Man lying on a roadside for 6 days survives accident, and Unfiltered!

  • Crawl into coffins to invite GOOD LUCK | GMT

    In today’s episode, Monk under fire over bizarre pebbles ritual, 33 million baht budget for Bangkok train station sign smells like corruption, Phuket focuses on foreigners causing motorbike accidents, Temple new year coffin ceremony lets you be reborn, Stolen mobile phone returned after crazy journey.

  • CNN confusing TAIWAN for THAILAND | GMT

    In today’s episode, Proposed national uniforms to make traffic police approachable, CNN needs geography lesson after mistaking Taiwan for Thailand, Thailand makes another travel list: Fodor’s No List.

  • Man jumped from 3rd floor of Phuket airport | GMT

    In today’s episode, A forgetful husband tests marriage after accidently abandoning his wife, 21 Thai citizens reported dead in fire casino in Cambodia, American man dies after jumping from 3rd floor of Phuket Airport, Russians take Thailand by storm.

  • Which Thai province drinks THE MOST ALCOHOL | GMT

    In today’s episode, Thailand should impose restrictions on Chinese tourists, Thai woman hides 400 yaba pills in vagina to cover for drug-dealing husband, Chinese tourists may bring growing pains to the Thai travel industry, Anarchic passenger causes chaos on a bus trip from Phuket to Bangkok, Survey reveals which Thai provinces drink the most alcohol.

  • Bangkok Amongst Best Places to Celebrate New Years | GMT

    In today’s episode, Christmas Eve raid finds 40 underage pub patrons drinking, Corpse wearing Royal Thai Navy shirt is a fisherman, not a HTMS Sukhothai sailor, Hongkongers to pay 4.5 baht for plastic bags, PM calls for NYE caution and City a top 10 NYE party spot.

  • Air pollution at unsafe levels in Bangkok | GMT

    In today’s episode, Giving sports a fighting chance, Record number of Thai people traveling abroad, Air pollution at unsafe levels in Bangkok, Knifed in the neck for disrespecting mum, Khao San New Year countdown cancelled.

  • The pink flower lake in Thailand that you never knew about | GMT

    In today’s episode, Thai police arrest 4 men for making homemade guns and selling them online, Thailand creates new department to tackle climate change, Pink lilies pull hundreds of thousands of tourists to northeast Thailand lake, Nepal releases Pattaya’s ‘bikini killer’ – Charles ‘the Serpent’ Sobhraj, Thai police make 12,000 gambling arrests during World Cup 2022.