Ha Phuong Dao

Ha Phuong Dao

Phuong is an English writer and a Creative Content Designer at The Thaiger. With a bachelor’s degree from RMIT University Australia in Professional Communication, Phuong is inspired to deliver articles, artworks, and communication plans to assist the brand’s growth. Alongside work, she spends her time researching technology, science, and culture around the world.
  • Digital Marketing

    The future of marketing on the Apple Vision Pro

    The 2023 Apple ‘One More Thing’ hit the US market earlier this month and created a craze on the internet. Despite its late entrance into the “virtual reality” space later than most (the company prefers “spatial computing“), Apple has consistently been at the forefront of high-end technology and setting new norms. With the introduction of the ground-breaking augmented reality (AR)…

  • Technology News

    How the Apple Vision Pro will affect Thailand?

    The much-loved tech legend Steve Jobs himself and the Apple team spent more than 16 years developing the Apple Vision Pro, unveiled on February 2, 2024, based on an iPod pattern concept. The device has gained recognition as Apple’s first foray into “Spatial Computing.” Despite its early success with many exceptional features that set Apple apart from opponents, the Apple…

  • Thai Life

    Moving to Thailand with your family: challenges and tips

    Moving to Thailand can be an exciting adventure, but it also comes with challenges, especially for expat families. Thailand is a well-liked travel destination for international families because of its energetic culture, breathtaking scenery, and kind people. But navigating Thailand’s complicated social scene may be challenging, particularly when it comes to personal accounts, work permits, and visas. In this article,…