Thailand Video News | Foreign income to be taxed in Thailand, The Thai government will be keeping a close eye on Jurassic World production

In this Thailand video news, Alex and Jay delve into the stories from across the country. Beginning with Thailand will tax residents on all foreign income starting in 2024, regardless of whether it is brought into the country. Platforms earning over 1 billion baht must report their income sources. A viral video of a woman scalding her pregnant Siberian Husky has sparked outrage and legal action. In Germany, Thai influencer Paris Sittisarn was robbed of a multimillion-baht watch, raising safety concerns. An Australian fugitive was arrested in Pattaya for multiple offenses. Thai officials have warned the “Jurassic World” movie producers to avoid environmental damage during filming. Ultramarathoner Natalie Dau completed a 1,000-kilometre run across Southeast Asia, setting a new record and raising funds for charity.

Foreign income to be taxed in Thailand

Thailand’s Revenue Department will amend the law to tax residents on foreign income, regardless of whether it is brought into the country. Currently, individuals residing in Thailand for over 180 days must pay taxes on foreign income if it is remitted to Thailand. The new law, effective from 2024, will follow the principle of worldwide income, taxing residents on all income sources. Additionally, platforms earning over 1 billion baht must report their income sources for tax compliance. Separately, Thailand’s new Tourism Minister hinted at introducing a tourist tax, though no timeline was provided.

Trigger warning: a woman’s video of animal cruelty goes viral

A pregnant Siberian Husky suffered severe burns after its owner poured hot water on it for stealing food, sparking outrage online and legal action. The video of the incident went viral, leading to widespread condemnation. The dog was rehomed and treated for its injuries. On May 18, the SOS Animal Thailand Foundation filed a complaint against the owner for animal cruelty. The Watchdog Thailand organisation emphasised the need for understanding Siberian Huskies’ behaviour before adopting them. The dog’s condition has improved, and it is expected to recover fully, with its puppies due soon.

A Thai influencer was robbed of a multimillion baht watch in Germany

Thai influencer Paris Sittisarn, known as Addzest Carcolor, was robbed of his 6 million baht Patek Philippe watch near St. Paul’s Church in Frankfurt. The thief, a German man, engaged him in conversation before snatching the watch and fleeing. Paris shared the incident on Facebook, offering a 1 million baht reward for information leading to the watch’s recovery. Despite contacting the police, he felt they didn’t understand his situation. He included images of the suspect and the watch and urged locals to assist. The incident has raised concerns about safety and the effectiveness of local law enforcement in foreign countries.

The law has caught up to an Aussie on the lamb

Immigration Bureau officers arrested an Australian man, identified as Grey, in Pattaya for multiple offences in Australia and connections to a mafia gang in Phuket. The arrest followed the November apprehension of a British man who dropped a gun at a nightclub in Phuket, revealing his involvement in several local crimes. After the British man’s arrest, some gang members fled Thailand, while others, including Grey, went into hiding. Grey, wanted for drug-related offences in Australia, moved to Pattaya but was eventually captured. The Immigration Bureau also arrested an Iranian man in Bangkok for defrauding a fellow citizen out of 21 million baht by falsely claiming and selling his land.

The Thai government will be keeping a close eye on Jurassic World production

Thai officials have warned the producers of the next “Jurassic World” movie to avoid damaging beaches and national parks while filming in Thailand. Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson is reportedly set to star in the film, which will shoot in Bangkok and national parks in Krabi, Phuket, Phang-nga, and Trang. Filming locations include Ko Kradan island and Huay To waterfall. Natural Resources and Environment Minister Phatcharavat Wongsuwan emphasised compliance with environmental laws. This caution follows past criticisms, such as those from the filming of “The Beach” in Maya Bay. Officials will closely monitor the filming process to prevent environmental damage.

An extreme marathon runner has completed a 1000 km run in SEA

Ultramarathoner Natalie Dau completed a 1,000-kilometer solo run across Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore in just 12 days, setting a Singapore record for the fastest 1,000km Thailand-Singapore Ultramarathon. Despite intense heat, melted shoes, and a hip injury, the 52-year-old finished at The Westin Singapore, greeted by over 100 supporters. Starting in Hat Yai, Thailand, Dau also aims for a Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing of Peninsular Malaysia on foot. She raised over $50,000 for the charity GRLS, empowering women and girls through sports. Supported by her coach Arthur Tong and local runner Eugene Lim, Dau now looks forward to the Sydney Marathon later in 2024.

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