Owner pours hot water on pregnant husky for stealing food (video)

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A distressing incident recently shared online shows the severe mistreatment of a pregnant Siberian Husky, where its heartless owner poured hot water over the dog after it ate some snacks without permission. The ensuing outrage on social media led to legal action against the owner.

In the video shared online, the owner tied the dog in a bathroom and repeatedly poured hot water over it, resulting in severe burns. The video quickly went viral, drawing widespread condemnation from viewers who demanded justice for the dog.

Following the incident, the owner decided to rehome the dog, and on May 18, the Siberian Husky found a new home in Nakhon Ratchasima. Upon seeing the dog’s injuries, the new owner immediately took it to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

Today at 9.30am, representatives from the SOS Animal Thailand Foundation filed a complaint with the Bang Phli Police Station in Samut Prakan, where the incident occurred. They accused the dog’s previous owner of animal cruelty, a charge that carries significant legal consequences in Thailand.

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SOS Animal Thailand Foundation representative, Kuson Sukaree stated that they had brought witnesses to the police station to support their case. She explained that the video clearly showed the owner committing acts of cruelty against the dog, tied and doused with hot water several times.

“The dog was pregnant at the time, and the burns were severe, covering much of its body. Initially, the condition was critical, but thanks to kind-hearted individuals, the dog’s health has improved.”

Understanding animals

Representatives from Watchdog Thailand, another animal welfare organisation, also joined the legal proceedings. They emphasised the importance of understanding the specific needs and behaviour of Siberian Huskies before deciding to keep them as pets.

They highlighted the breed’s known stubbornness and urged potential owners to educate themselves to prevent such incidents.

Further details about the incident, uncover that the owner became enraged after discovering the dog had eaten some snacks. During an argument with their partner, the owner filmed the cruel act and sent the clip to their partner’s friends, possibly as an act of frustration.

The dog’s condition has since improved, with the wounds healing and its weight increasing steadily. Despite still being wary of strangers, the dog is expected to recover fully. The unborn puppies also seem to be in good health and are due to be born soon, reported Khaosod

This case has highlighted the need for greater awareness and understanding of animal welfare laws in Thailand. It serves as a reminder of the responsibilities that come with pet ownership and the serious consequences of neglect and abuse.

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