Thai influencer robbed of 6 million baht watch in Frankfurt

Image courtesy of Addzest carcolor Facebook Page

A well-known Thai influencer was reportedly robbed of his luxury watch worth 6 million baht while walking near St. Paul’s Church in Frankfurt. The influencer, Paris Sittisarn, also known as Addzest Carcolor, has offered a reward of 1 million baht for any assistance in recovering the stolen item.

Famous for his automotive content, he shared his plea for help on Facebook, stating that a German thief snatched his watch, a Patek Philippe, and fled the scene.

Despite his efforts, he was unable to catch the perpetrator, he posted on Facebook and is seeking any information that could lead to the recovery of his valuable possession.

“This is a warning and a call for help. Is anyone in Germany? I was robbed near St. Paul’s Church in Frankfurt. A German thief took my Patek Philippe watch. The thief ripped it off my wrist and ran away, and I couldn’t catch him. If anyone has any information or can spread the word, please do so. I have to catch a flight soon, and the police here didn’t seem to understand my situation very well.”

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The Thai influencer, who has a significant following on social media, described the incident in detail, mentioning how the thief engaged him in conversation before making his move.

He included images of the suspect and the watch, noting that his watch had a grey strap. He urged anyone in the area or who knows local authorities to help, offering 1 million baht as compensation.

“The thief pretended to talk to me, and when I realized something was off, he snatched my watch and ran. I have posted the suspect’s picture and the watch, but mine has a grey strap. If anyone in this area knows the police or has any leads, please help.”

He also mentioned that he would be returning to Thailand the next day and provided two phone numbers for contact. His frustration was evident as he questioned the safety of what is considered a developed country, especially since he had been cautious throughout his stay.

The incident has sparked conversations online about safety in foreign countries and the effectiveness of local law enforcement in handling such situations. Many of his followers expressed their concerns and offered support, hoping for a quick resolution to the unfortunate event.

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