Thailand Video News | China’s BYD inaugurates first plant in Thailand as it expands reach into Southeast Asia, Thailand considers alcohol ban lift to boost restaurant spirits

In Thailand Video News, Alex and Jay discuss Chinese automaker BYD’s first electric vehicle plant and how Thailand is considering lifting the afternoon alcohol sales ban to help struggling restaurants. A foreign teacher has been accused of sexually assaulting at least 5 Thai school girls. A Thai man known for working in a mascot costume for the past decade has been assaulted and is seeking help from the public. An OnlyFans creator is being sued for allegedly luring minors into producing explicit videos and a three-year-old girl was saved by a bystander in Nakhon Luang district who saw her sprint onto a busy road. A gas leak at Kuala Lumpur International Airport has resulted in 20 workers being sent for medical attention and the ransomware group who attacked Indonesia’s Temporary National Data Center have allegedly released the digital keys and apologised.

China’s BYD inaugurates first plant in Thailand as it expands reach into Southeast Asia

Chinese automaker BYD inaugurated its first electric vehicle plant in Thailand, marking its expansion into Southeast Asia. Located in Rayong, the factory was built in 16 months and can produce 150,000 vehicles annually, including the BYD Dolphin, Atto 3, Seal, and Sealion 6 models. This move comes amid rising tariffs on Chinese EVs in the U.S. and Europe. BYD aims to support Thailand’s goal of having 30% of vehicles be electric by 2030. The new plant is expected to create 10,000 jobs and contributes to BYD’s global growth, with factories also in Brazil, Hungary, and Uzbekistan.

Thailand considers alcohol ban lift to boost restaurant spirits

Thailand is considering lifting the afternoon alcohol sales ban to support struggling restaurants amid an economic downturn. Restaurant operators, facing high operating costs and ingredient prices, urged Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin to remove the 52-year-old ban. The Restaurant Business Club also proposed reducing taxes and offering financial support to small businesses. The industry, which generated 420 billion baht in 2019, has seen slowed growth and increased closures since April. The government’s response to these proposals could provide crucial relief for the sector.

Foreign teacher allegedly sexually assaults at least 5 Thai schoolgirls

A Thai woman, Kai, has accused a foreign teacher in Phitsanulok of sexually assaulting her 11-year-old niece and at least five other schoolgirls. Kai revealed the incidents after the school dismissed the issue. The assaults reportedly began when the girls were eight. Despite the victims reporting the abuse, the school initially claimed it was a misunderstanding. The teacher denied the allegations, calling the touching accidental. Kai urged the school to investigate further and has brought the matter to public attention, seeking justice for the victims and warning others.

Thai mascot assaulted by foreigner seeks public’s help

Nantawat Palawat, a man with nearly 10 years of experience entertaining in a mascot costume, was assaulted by a foreigner while working in Bangkok’s Phra Khanong district. The attacker initially asked to shake Nantawat’s hand but then squeezed it tightly and punched the face area of his costume, knocking him unconscious. Nantawat sustained minor injuries and is now seeking the public’s help to identify the attacker and receive an apology. He shared his plea on Facebook, describing the incident and expressing his shock and disappointment. The incident has left him shaken and seeking justice.

OnlyFans star arrested for explicit outdoor videos with minors

Thai police arrested Patipat, a transgender OnlyFans content creator, for allegedly luring minors into producing explicit videos. The arrest, executed by the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division, came after an investigation into child pornography on social media. Patipat, 27, was found at his Chachoengsao residence. Police discovered his Twitter account with over 130,000 followers, promoting explicit content from his OnlyFans profile. Patipat confessed to starting these accounts six months ago, earning about 100,000 baht monthly. To boost followers, he involved minors in the videos, filmed in various public locations. Patipat faces charges of human trafficking, producing and distributing child pornography, importing obscene content for commercial purposes, and child abduction. Further legal proceedings are underway.

Three year old Thai girl rescued from busy road

A three-year-old girl was saved by a quick-thinking bystander after sprinting into a busy road in Nakhon Luang district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province. Her mother had left her asleep to buy noodles, unaware she would wake up and follow her. The bystander, Pradit Ketpradit, grabbed the child just in time, sustaining minor injuries. The mother expressed heartfelt gratitude, acknowledging the potential tragedy that was averted.

Gas leak at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur airport affects 20 staff

A gas leak at the Southern Support Zone Sepang Aircraft Engineering facility at Kuala Lumpur International Airport affected around 20 staff members on Thursday. The Selangor state fire department identified the leaked chemical as methyl mercaptan, a flammable gas with a putrid smell used in jet fuel production. The affected personnel reported dizziness and were sent for medical treatment. Despite the incident, there were no disruptions to airport operations and no wider risk to public safety.

Indonesia gov ransomware chaos may be over after hack group apologizes and says it has shared decrypt keys

Ransomware group Brain Cipher announced they will reveal decryption keys following an attack on Indonesia’s Temporary National Data Center (PDNS). The group posted the key and instructions online, claiming the attack was a penetration test and apologizing to Indonesian citizens. They await confirmation from the government that the key works. The attack affected over 230 public agencies’ data, with no available backups. The government refused to pay the 131 billion Rupiah (US$8 million) ransom. Indonesia has yet to confirm the keys’ effectiveness.

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