Foundation chairperson implicated in council position sales scandal

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A leaked chat revealed that the chairperson of a foundation has been involved in buying and selling positions in the Bangkok Metropolitan Council since 2020. The content includes job details and the amount of money required for the position.

Journalists reported today that a chat was shared with a group of reporters, showing a conversation between an unnamed female foundation chairperson and a close associate. The chat, which dates back to October 2020, discusses the offer of a position as a secretary to a committee member.

The conversation outlines that although the secretary position offers a modest salary, it comes with royal honours from His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua and involves attending weekly council meetings. The chat also mentions the terms of the position, suggesting that even one year in the role would be worthwhile. There are assurances that an official card would be issued, and the term would last until the end of the government’s tenure.

The messages specify the costs associated with securing the position.

“I will arrange it in front of the MP’s office. They only charge 400,000 baht. That’s how it adds up.”

The revelation of this chat has sparked discussions and concerns about the integrity of the council’s appointment processes. Many are questioning how widespread such practices might be and what measures are being taken to ensure transparency and fairness.

Further details from the chat imply that the chairwoman has been involved in these transactions for several years, raising serious ethical questions. The conversation suggests a systematic approach to securing positions through financial means rather than merit.

“Even just a year is worth it.”

As the leaked chat continues to circulate, the public and officials are calling for a thorough investigation. The foundation’s chairperson and her associate have yet to comment publicly on the allegations. The matter has raised significant concerns about the potential for corruption within the council and the need for stricter monitoring, reported KhaoSod.

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