Three year old Thai girl rescued from busy road

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A three year old girl sprinted into a busy road but was saved in the nick of time by a quick-thinking bystander. The child’s mother, in tears, revealed that she had left her daughter asleep to quickly buy some items, unaware that the child would wake up and follow her.

A Facebook user shared CCTV footage showing the three year old girl running onto a major road, only to be rescued by a bystander. The incident took place on the Nakhon Luang-Bor Phong road in Pak Chan subdistrict, Nakhon Luang district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province.

Yesterday, the 26 year old mother of the child expressed her gratitude amidst tears. She explained that both she and her daughter were staying at a dormitory about 200 metres from the incident site. On the day of the event, she noticed her daughter was asleep and decided to quickly buy noodles from a nearby shop.

She made sure to close the door before leaving. Less than five minutes after she left, she heard someone shouting that a child was about to be hit by a car. Initially, she didn’t realise it was her daughter, but upon seeing a child in the street without clothes, she knew it was her and rushed to pick her up.

“I was utterly shocked. I thought my daughter was asleep and never imagined she would wake up and follow me to the main road.”

The woman expressed her heartfelt thanks to the bystander, without whom, she believes, her daughter might have been hit by a car. The thought of such an incident, she said, would have left her devastated and unable to continue living.

The good Samaritan who saved the child, Pradit Ketpradit, a 52 year old janitor at Nakhon Luang Police Station shared his experience. He had stopped to eat noodles near the incident site. As he finished his meal and was about to cross the road, a woman across the street shouted, warning about an oncoming vehicle.

“I turned and saw the child running towards the road. I immediately decided to grab her.”

Pradit managed to catch the child just in time but sustained minor injuries in the process. He got a scrape on the back of his right hand from hitting the concrete while trying to lift the child but dismissed it as a minor issue, reported KhaoSod.

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