Foreign teacher allegedly sexual assaults at least 5 Thai schoolgirls

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A Thai woman accused the management and teachers of a school in the northern province of Phitsanulok of ignorance after several schoolgirls, including her niece, were sexually assaulted by a foreign teacher.

The victim’s 30 year old aunt, Kai, decided to share details of the sexual assault with Channel 3 today, July 4, after the school dismissed the issue. Kai claimed that her 11 year old niece was not the only victim adding five of the girl’s friends were also targeted by the foreign teacher.

According to Kai, some of the victims had been sexually assaulted since they were eight years old, and they are now 11. The girls reported the sexual assaults to other teachers at the school but they did not believe in the stories and claimed it was a misunderstanding.

Kai, her niece’s guardian following her parents’ divorce, said her niece told her several times that the foreign teacher, whose nationality was not disclosed, touched her classmates inappropriately. One of her friends had been sexually abused for over a year.

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Kai warned her niece to stay away from the teacher but the girl ended up being victimised again. The girl told Kai yesterday, July 3, that the teacher groped her breasts and buttocks during English class. The teacher had done this to her three times over the past two months.

The girl insisted that she was sure that the act was sexual assault and not accidental. She added that she had seen the teacher do the same to her friends adding that he once put his hand up her friend’s skirt.

Foreigner denial

Kai decided to bring this matter to the attention of the parents of other victims, who then approached the school to seek justice. The headmistress questioned each girl separately before summoning the foreign teacher to a meeting.

Kai said that the teacher denied the allegation and claimed that the touching was an accident. Kai expressed her disappointment and said that the teacher said, “I’m sorry.” She wants the teacher to resign and quit his teaching career.

Kai also claimed that the school director asked her not to take legal action against the foreigner and the school but she felt she should issue a warning to the public, so she shared the story with the media.

Kai added that she wanted the school to investigate the case further to see if any other students have become victims of the tactile teacher.

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