OnlyFans star arrested for explicit outdoor videos with minors

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Thai police apprehended a transgender OnlyFans content creator accused of luring minors into producing explicit videos, generating a substantial monthly income. The arrest followed a detailed investigation into child pornography on social media platforms.

Police officers from the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division, directed by Police Major General Saruti Kwangsopa, executed the arrest warrant for 27 year old Patipat at his residence in Chachoengsao. The Criminal Court issued the warrant on July 1.

Patipat allegedly deceived a minor, specifically a 17 year old teenager, into creating explicit content to be shared on his OnlyFans account.

Police had been monitoring social media for child pornography content when they discovered Patipat’s Twitter account, boasting over 130,000 followers and 150,000 engagements. His OnlyFans profile featured over 100 explicit videos, primarily consisting of videos of sexual intercourse.

These videos were aggressively promoted, encouraging the general public to subscribe to OnlyFans for 350 baht per person or to his Twitter account for 99 baht each.

Investigations revealed that some of the victims were indeed minors, who were coerced into participating in the filming of pornography. Some victims were lured into performing sexual acts in various public locations such as forests, fields, and boxing rings to make the content more appealing and attract more followers.

Upon accumulating sufficient evidence, the police obtained and executed an arrest warrant.

During the interrogation, Patipat confessed to starting his Twitter and OnlyFans accounts approximately six months ago, seeing it as an easy way to earn an average monthly income of 100,000 baht. However, as the number of sex content creators increased, he resorted to involving minors to boost his follower count, leading to his arrest.

Initially, Patipat faces charges of human trafficking for exploiting minors through the production and distribution of child pornography, importing obscene content into computer systems for commercial purposes, and child abduction. He has been handed over to investigators for further legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

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