Thai mascot assaulted by foreigner seeks public’s help

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A man dressed in a mascot costume was unexpectedly assaulted by a foreigner who first asked to shake his hand. The incident left him unconscious, marking the most severe attack he has faced in his 10-year career. He is now seeking an apology.

Nantawat Palawat posted a plea on his Facebook page for help after being attacked by an unknown man while working in a green mascot costume in Phra Khanong district, Bangkok. He described the incident in detail.

“Please, everyone, help me. I don’t know the name, nationality, or anything about this person. I’m trying to find the foreigner in the picture. Please share this. I was in a green mascot costume, and a foreign man asked to shake my hand. As usual, I extended my hand but he squeezed it tightly, causing me to cry out and pull my hand away. Then, he punched the face area of my mascot costume, which is where I looked out to see my way.

“I fell to the ground and lost consciousness for a moment. I sustained minor injuries from the impact and the fall. Thankfully, some staff members helped me up, but I didn’t run after him because I was dizzy. Even with the costume, I was knocked out for a bit.”

Nantawat shared that he has been bringing joy to people by wearing mascot costumes for nearly 10 years. This incident was particularly severe, leaving him stunned and unsure of how to proceed since the attacker was a foreigner, reported KhaoSod.

“I have been making people happy in a mascot costume for almost 10 years. This incident was severe. I’m at a loss because he is a foreigner. If he can be caught, it would be great. I just want an apology. Please share this. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

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