Thailand Video News | Woman missing after fight with husband, Man loses 10,000 baht after sex with stranger

In today’s headline news, Alex cover a series of events unfolds across Thailand. Beginning with Thai man loses 10,000 baht after sex with woman met on roadside, a 19-year-old woman, fights against the unauthorized sharing of explicit videos online. Tragedy strikes with the drowning of 10-year-old Veerawat in the Mekong River, prompting urgent calls for safety measures. Concerns deepen over the disappearance of 27-year-old Chonlada following a domestic dispute, highlighting issues of violence against women. Additionally, Thailand’s graffiti scene promotes creativity and environmental awareness. Diplomatic relations between South Korea and Thailand navigate historical ties amid contemporary controversies.

A roadside rendezvous led to a dispute between an unsuspecting John and his ‘date’

In Udon Thani, Thailand, a dispute erupted when Maykin, a 38-year-old man, accused Gig, a 36-year-old woman, of stealing 10,000 baht from him after a brief encounter that included drinking, sex, and dinner. The altercation became public when motorists observed Maykin chasing Gig on the Friendship Highway, prompting police intervention. Maykin claimed the money was stolen after their consensual encounter, which started at a bus stop and included a visit to a hotel and a BBQ restaurant. Gig, however, insisted the money was her savings. After police found 6,000 baht neatly stored in Gig’s piggy bank, they mediated the situation by having Gig return the cash to Maykin, who then agreed to drop the charges and relinquish any further claims, resolving the dispute amicably.

Revenge porn is a serious issue and has reared its ugly head once again

A 19-year-old Thai woman, referred to as A, sought assistance from the non-profit organization Be One after the police did not pursue charges against her ex-boyfriend, Sergeant Apisit, who had secretly recorded and distributed explicit videos of her online. A discovered the breach after her friends found the videos on multiple platforms, showcasing her identity and causing her significant distress and embarrassment. Despite Apisit’s admission of sharing the videos on Twitter and his offer of monetary compensation, A sought accountability rather than money. Her complaint to the Chanasongkram Police Station led to a recommendation for settlement, which she refused due to concerns over Apisit’s military status potentially influencing the case. Turning to Be One for support, her case was escalated to the Ministry of Defence, prompting an investigation. The Royal Thai Army (RTA) announced that Apisit confessed, facing a 45-day detention and potential expulsion, with assurances of justice and cooperation in the ongoing legal proceedings .

Tragedy strikes as a young boy drowns in a whirlpool on the Mekong River

A 10-year-old boy, Veerawat, tragically lost his life after being caught in a whirlpool on the banks of the Mekong River in Ubon Ratchathani’s Khemarat district, with his body discovered last Saturday, February 17, three days following the incident. Despite his grandfather Paiboon’s efforts to save Veerawat and his sister Varanya during their visit to a popular local spot for cooling off, only Varanya was rescued. Following this incident and similar previous occurrences, local officials, led by district clerk Amnat Chanklai, are implementing safety measures to prevent further tragedies. These include erecting warning signs, prohibiting swimming in dangerous areas, deploying volunteers to supervise water activities, and installing safety equipment like lifebuoys and barriers, especially as the hot season attracts more visitors to the riverbank.

A woman has gone missing following a dispute with her partner

After an argument with her husband, Sirichai Rakthong, in their car at 3am on a Sunday, 27-year-old Thai woman Chonlada Muthurong went missing, with her last known location indicated by GPS in Chachoengsao province. Following her disappearance, friends took to social media to seek information, highlighting Chonlada’s sudden break in social media activity since the incident. The argument occurred after the couple, along with their daughter, were returning home from Sirichai’s birthday celebration. Sirichai admitted to physically assaulting Chonlada during the argument, an action he confessed to in a missing persons’ complaint filed at Pak Kret Police Station. This wasn’t the first instance of Chonlada running away after arguments, which had previously involved physical assaults by Sirichai. Chonlada’s mother expressed distrust in Sirichai, especially after learning about repeated instances of violence against her daughter. Despite efforts and public pleas for information, Chonlada remains missing with no new updates from the police on her case.

Graffiti has an important history in the land of smiles, and its environmental impact is being brought to the forefront

The Thai graffiti scene presents a unique fusion of creativity and environmental responsibility, showcasing how street art transcends mere aesthetic appeal to embrace sustainable practices. Central to this movement is a commitment to eco-friendly art, highlighted through initiatives like workshops on environmental issues and the adoption of green art materials. Despite facing challenges such as vandalism and the defacement of public property, the resilience and innovation of Thai graffiti artists shine through. They are not only pushing the boundaries of artistic expression but also promoting environmental awareness. For instance, venues like Fabcafe and the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) in Samut Prakan province are pivotal in nurturing the creative industries while emphasizing sustainability. This approach extends to combating the negative impacts of graffiti through community clean-up initiatives and government policies aimed at preserving urban aesthetics and ecosystems. Moreover, the interplay of traditional Thai art influences and the impact on tourism reflects a complex narrative of appreciation and scrutiny. Through environmentally conscious efforts like the use of pollutant-absorbing Ecosphere paint, the Thai graffiti scene is redefining the relationship between art, community, and the environment, marking a significant step towards sustainable urban living.

South Korea and Thailand and the soft power they flex on each other

South Korean Ambassador to Thailand, Park Yong Min, emphasized his country’s commitment to bolstering bilateral relations and economic cooperation with Thailand, despite recent controversies over the alleged mistreatment of Thai travelers by South Korean immigration officials. In an interview with the Bangkok Post, Park highlighted the historical solidarity between the two nations, starting from Thailand’s support during the Korean War, leading up to the 65th anniversary of formal diplomatic ties celebrated last year. He outlined South Korea’s support for the Mekong sub-region and plans to double the annual contribution to the Korean-Mekong Cooperation Fund to $10 million by 2027, along with joining the Mekong River Commission as a development partner. Park credited government support in the 1990s for South Korea’s success in cultural arts, which significantly contributed to the country’s soft power. He assured efforts to address the #banKorea controversy through increased Thai interpreters and improved cultural sensitivity training for immigration officials. Park also expressed the need for collaboration to reduce illegal Thai workers in South Korea, emphasizing that it distorts the labor market and undermines the rule of law.

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