Thailand Video News | Rising risk of Dengue Fever and Influenza, PM Srettha Thaivisin believes in a more democratic Thailand

In this video, Alex and Jay unfold the latest news in Thailand. Beginning with Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin champions democratic values while the Department of Disease Control (DDC) warns of heightened influenza and dengue risks amid COVID-19 worries. Recent incidents, including gas cylinder explosions and a crackdown on child exploitation, underscore the need for swift action. However, moments of heroism, like the quick response at Lumpini Police Station, offer hope amidst adversity. Meanwhile, peculiar roommate antics fuel unexpected online buzz, reflecting the varied experiences within contemporary Thailand.

Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin Champions a Democratic Future

Srettha Thavisin, having assumed the role of Thailand’s Prime Minister in August 2023, marks the end of nine years of military dominance in the nation’s political landscape. In a revealing interview in Chiang Mai, Thavisin expressed his firm belief in steering Thailand towards a more democratic future. The first civilian leader after almost a decade, Thavisin is undeterred by the threat of coups, focusing instead on enhancing the well-being of Thai citizens. He addressed the turmoil in neighboring Myanmar, emphasizing the need for humanitarian assistance rather than declaring it a full-blown civil war. Additionally, Thavisin recounted his discussions with French President Macron about the Ukraine conflict, confidently stating that Russian President Putin would likely refrain from further invasions. Thavisin’s leadership signals a pivotal shift towards democracy and international diplomacy, reflecting his vision for Thailand’s future.


DDC Warns of Increased Influenza and Dengue Risks Amid COVID-19 Concerns

The Department of Disease Control (DDC) has raised alarms over a heightened risk of influenza and dengue fever amidst the ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19. In their latest report on communicable diseases, the DDC points out the early-year surge in influenza cases within schools, prisons, and military camps, particularly affecting children aged five to nine. The majority of these cases are attributed to the influenza A strain. Projections indicate around 346,110 influenza cases for the year, a decrease from last year’s figures. Meanwhile, dengue fever cases have soared to over 20,000, doubling last year’s count, with 27 fatalities, mostly among adults with chronic conditions. The DDC emphasizes that dengue has impacted all demographics, notably school-aged children. With COVID-19 cases expected to slightly decrease from the previous year, the DDC advises against self-medication for symptoms common to these diseases, urging professional medical consultation instead.


Gas Cylinder Explosions Trigger Fire in Sisaket Commercial Building

A severe fire broke out in a commercial building in Sisaket province, suspected to have been ignited by gas cylinder explosions early this morning. The incident, occurring near Luang Sumangkalaram Temple at around 4:10 am, saw rapid engagement from firefighting teams, police, and disaster prevention units, who battled the flames intensified by hot, dry weather. The fire, which started in the building’s storage area, was marked by explosive sounds and was controlled within 35 minutes, despite challenging conditions. While one building was completely destroyed, quick action prevented the spread to adjacent properties and vehicles. Investigations led by police are underway to ascertain the fire’s cause, highlighting the critical role of emergency responses in mitigating the disaster’s impact.


Crackdown on Child Exploitation in Phuket Karaoke Bar

In a significant operation against child exploitation, the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Thailand raided a karaoke bar in Phuket’s Rassada district, uncovering a harrowing case of minors being exploited for sex services. The raid, part of a larger initiative targeting the procurement of minors for sexual activities, led to the arrest of the bar’s female operator, 39-year-old Saphawan, who was found to be complicit in offering the services of girls as young as 13. The operation highlighted not only the direct involvement of the establishment in these illegal activities but also raised questions about oversight and the patrons who frequented such venues. The case has been forwarded to the Anti-Trafficking In Persons Division for further legal action, underscoring the ongoing fight against human trafficking and child exploitation.


Quick Response at Lumpini Police Station Saves Man from Self-harm Attempt

In a dramatic turn of events at Lumpini Police Station, Bangkok, officers successfully thwarted a self-harm attempt by 59-year-old Chinese national Fuyu Kinghai, who had earlier been detained for causing a drunken disturbance at a hotel in Soi Sukhumvit 5. After his arrest in the early hours, Kinghai attempted to end his life by jumping from the station’s rooftop, leading to a tense standoff. Despite refusing to engage with a Chinese interpreter brought in to negotiate, Kinghai eventually leapt into a water tank on the rooftop, from where officers rescued him. He was subsequently taken to Police General Hospital for treatment. Kinghai, who had been in Thailand legally but without contacts to assist him post-detention, now faces charges for public indecency and a possible deportation after recovery and payment of a fine. This incident highlights the challenges and quick decision-making law enforcement officers face in critical situations.


Eerie Roommate Antics on Fridge Ignite Online Buzz

A young woman’s discovery of her roommate atop their refrigerator in the dead of night has sparked widespread online debate, highlighting the peculiar challenges of shared living. The incident, which saw the woman waking up to the bizarre sight of her roommate in a haunting pose on the appliance, prompted her to seek advice from the online community. Sharing a photo of the eerie scene, she expressed her alarm and confusion over her roommate’s strange behavior. The story quickly went viral, drawing a mix of humorous and practical responses from netizens. Explanations for the roommate’s actions ranged from pest avoidance to sleepwalking, with some commenters offering lighthearted superhero comparisons and others sharing personal sleepwalking tales. This unusual cohabitation story adds to the myriad of unique experiences that come with urban shared living, blending fear, laughter, and the unpredictability of human behavior.

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