Sony sparks economic surge with billion-baht investment in Thailand

Sony Semiconductor Solutions today declared a billion-baht investment in Thailand to boost the nation’s stuttering economy. The announcement, which came to light on Saturday, March 30, revealed an investment surpassing 2.57 billion baht for the construction of a manufacturing factory.

The manufacturing site is slated for completion by March 2025. According to reports, it will be tasked with the production of sensors specifically designed for autonomous vehicles. These state-of-the-art sensors play a pivotal role in detecting pedestrians and obstacles, thereby ensuring the safety and efficiency of self-driving vehicles.

Sony’s move is expected to significantly bolster its production capacity. Forecasts predict an increase of up to 70%, a figure that not only spells good news for the company but also for the local workforce. The factory is projected to open up more than 2,000 job positions, thus providing a much-needed boost to employment in the region.

Despite this, it’s important to note that the main manufacturing process necessitates a high level of expertise, more commonly found in Japan. In the case of Thailand, the production and modification of wafers into microchips require a large labour force, and as such, these operations would be carried out using manual machines.

Interestingly, although the demand for wafers, thin slices of semiconductors used in computers and smartphones, remains low, their value within the vehicle technology sector is on the rise. With the increasing adoption of self-driving and assisted-driving technologies, these wafers find themselves in high demand, solidifying their place in the future of automotive technology.

Sony’s decision to establish a factory in Thailand is not without strategic significance. The lower labour costs in Thailand when compared to other countries position the company to significantly enhance its competitive capability. This move is expected to be greatly beneficial for the company, a testament to the value and potential of investing in Thailand’s growing technology sector, reported Pattaya News.

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