Industrial Commission exposes Chinese steel mill’s law violations

The Industrial Commission in Thailand has exposed law violations on the back of a Chinese steel mill crane collapsing in Rayong. This mill, as it turns out, is under Chinese ownership. The revelation led by Industrial Commission Chairman Akaradej Wongpitakroj has brought to the surface allegations of multiple Thai law violations by these Chinese investors.

The commission informed the public about these alleged violations, which include undertaking construction without the necessary permissions, operating businesses under false pretences, contributing to local pollution, and employing Thai nominees to manage their businesses, among other offences.

In a recent discovery, it was found that a factory under Chinese ownership had been transporting slag and other hazardous minerals without undergoing the required processing. Akaradej expressed concern about the potential health risks this could pose to the local community.

Nevertheless, the Industrial Commission, along with other relevant agencies, is actively investigating this case and others similar to it across Thailand. The goal is to bring the offenders to account for their transgressions.

Speaking on the issue, Akaradej revealed that a Chinese investor in Chon Buri had been apprehended for violating environmental laws. Two other cases involving Chinese investors located in Samut Sakhon and Chachoengsao were under examination by a team of more than five officials.

Akaradej pointed out the adverse effects of the actions of these Chinese investors, who continue their operations in violation of Thai laws. These actions have had a detrimental impact on both the environment and the local populace.

Legal action

In light of the Pluak Daeng crane collapse incident, a committee has been formed to investigate the matter. This committee will hold a meeting with representatives from both the public and private sectors to deliberate on the appropriate legal action against the company in question.

Addressing concerns about the potential impact on Chinese investment in the country, Akaradej stated that Thailand’s long-term goal was to attract quality investors who respect local rights and aren’t a threat to the country’s economic stability.

The Thai government is determined to implement stringent measures to safeguard the interests of the locals and the environment against those wishing to conduct business in Thailand.

Furthermore, Akaradej mentioned that the Thai government intends to negotiate these matters with China to ensure the selection of quality investors. The government has also given the Chinese authorities the power to consider suitable punishments for the offenders, including visa revocation.

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