Rising risk of influenza and dengue amid Covid-19 warns DDC

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The Department of Disease Control (DDC) issued an alert about the escalating risk of influenza and dengue fever this year, amidst the persisting threat of Covid-19. The department’s recent communicable diseases report highlights the significance of these health risks.

The department’s spokesperson, Dr Jurai Wongsawat, disclosed that the beginning of the year saw substantial clusters of influenza in schools, prisons, and military camps.

The most vulnerable demographic to influenza turned out to be children between five and nine years old, accounting for a significant proportion of the cases. It is estimated that around 80% of the infections resulted from a strain of influenza A, with the remaining 20% being triggered by influenza B. The department estimates the influenza cases to touch a figure of 346,110 this year, a slight dip compared to last year’s 460,325 cases.

The situation with dengue fever is also worrisome. The number of reported cases this year has already surpassed 20,000, marking a twofold increase from the previous year. The disease has claimed 27 lives so far, 20 of whom were adults with pre-existing chronic conditions.

Dengue fever seems to have affected all age groups, but schoolchildren aged five to 14 have been the most affected.

The DDC advises immediate medical consultation if symptoms such as high fever, vomiting, stomach pains, or rash are observed. It strongly discourages self-medication before consulting with a medical professional, reported Bangkok Post.

As for Covid, the DDC predicts a marginal decrease in infection numbers from last year’s 652,868 cases to approximately 649,524 this year. The projected death toll due to the disease for this year is about 852, slightly more than the 848 fatalities recorded last year.

In related news, Bangkok’s health office predicts a severe outbreak of three diseases, with high infection rates, and plans to increase monitoring for an additional 12 diseases. Preparations are underway to care for patients, protect against infections, and secure treatment drugs and vaccines.

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