Border between Kanchanaburi and Myanmar closed until…

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Kanchanaburi, a western Thai province, has been ordered to close its border with Myanmar, effective Monday. The border will stay closed until further notice. The closure is a precaution against people fleeing the deteriorating Covid situation in the nearby country. The order comes from Kanchanaburi’s governor, Jirakiart Phumisawat.

Myanmar’s healthcare system is reportedly in shambles, a result of mass arrests of medics who opposed the military regime. Also, a lack of vaccines has led to Covid spreading and the death toll climbing. In fact, a UN expert called the combined military coup/Covid spike in Myanmar a “perfect storm”.

Jirakiart says the provincial communicable disease committee, made the border closing decision because the Covid pandemic is “very serious”, and many people are trying to flee the disease. These people are trying to find asylum in Kanchanaburi through 43 natural border crossings.

It is reported that road checkpoints will be established along routes that align with the border. They will be staffed by police, troops, and local officials. Public transport will only be accessible in specific locations. The transport of consumer goods, medical supplies, and domestic mail in and out of 5 districts enclosed in Kanchanaburi is permitted.

The 371 kilometre long border will see 5 districts/subdistricts closed off. The 5 districts/subdistricts are:

  1. Sangkhla Buri
  2. Thong Pha Phum
  3. Sai Yok
  4. Ban Kao
  5. Jarakhae Phuek

The Kanchanaburi governor has also assigned a 10 pm to 4 am curfew. If anyone wishes to leave their domicile during the curfew they will need permission from their respective district chief officer.

A couple of days ago, the Thiager wrote that Cambodia is planning an 8 province lockdown with provinces that border Thailand. And earlier this month 8 women were arrested allegedly crossing the Moei River in Myanmar into northern Thailand’s Tak province

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