Bangkok Train market to possibly close for good

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It has recently been reported that the immensely popular Ratchada night market/AKA the Train market located in Bangkok, will possibly close for good.

The train market, which enjoyed patronage from both farangs/and Thais alike was previously closed due to restrictions with the goal of curbing Covid infections. Now, however, it seems the market will close permanently. Vendors have already reportedly been told to pack up shop and get out within 14 days.

The night market had been temporarily closed due to restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19. A birds-eye view of the market projected a dazzling spectacle of multicoloured stalls like a vibrant, illuminated quilt. It was a place to do some shopping, get dinner, or meet people for the first time.

One Facebook user, “Ad Lump“, has ostensibly confirmed this closure. The post has thousands of likes, comments, and shares. Many commenters are selling their wares or commemorating the good times they had at the market. The post says the market is closing because Covid complications proved too much for the owner to handle.

According to K@pook!, bar owners were consulted who seemingly also confirmed that the market is indeed closing for good., A Singaporean news source also claims the market is set to close.

To avoid confusion/panic, it should be noted that there has been no official announcement regarding the market’s closure, including on the “Train Night Market Ratchada: Train Night Market Ratchada” Facebook.

The market was set to reopen on August 1.


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