Illegal Myanmar workers found in vegetable crates on Thai border

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A covert operation to smuggle illegal workers across the Thai-Myanmar border was thwarted when vigilant paramilitary forces discovered eight Myanmar nationals hidden in vegetable crates. The shocking find occurred during a routine vehicle stop by soldiers from the 35th Ranger Forces Regiment at a checkpoint on the Mae Sot-Tha Song Yang road in Tak province.

Paramilitary forces, led by Colonel Ong-art Samphan, established a blockade today, February 29, as part of the army’s ongoing policy to intercept illegal trafficking of all kinds. It was during this operation that a Toyota pickup truck, bearing the license plate ผจ-7718 from Nakhon Sawan, emerged from an area near the border and approached the checkpoint.

The 56 year old driver, Jarun (surname withheld), appeared composed, but his 22 year old nephew, Anon (surname withheld), who was acting as a lookout and secondary driver, displayed suspiciously nervous behaviour.

This prompted the rangers to conduct a thorough search. They discovered the vehicle’s rear was packed with densely stacked empty vegetable crates, neatly tied down, and covered with a layer of tyres, reported KhaoSod.

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Upon closer inspection, the rangers were stunned to find that the crates concealed eight illegal workers from Myanmar—six men and two women. These individuals had endured hours in cramped, smelly conditions, showcasing remarkable resilience.

Immediately, the rangers assisted the workers out of their confinement, providing them with water and food as initial aid. Both the driver and his nephew were detained for further investigation at the 3503 paramilitary checkpoint.

The smuggled workers, after being interrogated with the help of a translator, revealed that they had crossed the border through an unknown natural pathway at night. They each paid 6,000 baht (US$167) to a broker and were instructed to conceal themselves within the vegetable crates for several hours, enduring significant discomfort, with the ultimate goal of reaching Bangkok for illegal employment. However, their journey was cut short by the paramilitary forces’ interception.

The authorities took both the driver and his nephew into custody, along with the illegal workers and seized the vehicle. They were handed over to the Mae Ramat police station in Tak province for legal proceedings.

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