PM’s daughters get letter asking them to tell their father to resign

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A joint letter was sent to PM Prayut Chan-o-cha’s twin daughters Tanya and Nittha, asking them to relay the message to their father that he should resign because of his mismanagement of the Covid situation. The letter was sent by the daughters’ former classmates and was addressed to “Ms Ploy” and “Ms Ploen”.

The former classmates’, Class 40 of the Communication Arts Faculty, say it was not easy to write the letter, due to their friendship and their cherished memories that go back nearly 2 decades with the twins. The letter says that many of the classmates have experienced hardships over the last couple of years under the PM’s leadership.

Further, that they, the classmates, have been trying to respect Tanya and Nittha’s privacy because they believe the roles of prime minister and father should be kept separate. However, the Covid situation has forced them to write this letter and potentially hurt the twin’s feelings and may intrude on their privacy, “which we would not normally dare to write”, says the letter.

It goes on to say that letter writers’ do not know the level of awareness Ploy and Ploen have of the Covid situation in Thailand, but the writers say their father’s mismanagement of the Covid situation has thrown Thailand into turmoil, with people lying dead in the streets, overcrowded hospitals, people waiting hopelessly at home for treatment, and others have lost their jobs or committed suicide.

They say Prayut must take responsibility for his mismanagement of the Covid situation by resigning immediately to allow someone else to lead the country in a democratic system. The writers say they believe that a quick and effective administration is the crucial element that will help get the situation under control.

“Will you listen to us Ploy and Ploen? Your friends’ voices, the voices of the people whose vaccination appointments were postponed indefinitely, the voices of the people who are jobless, not knowing when they will bring the disease to their loved ones at home, the voices of the freelancers who have to part with their houses to get money to feed their families, the voices of children, sisters and wives expressing the pain when someone in their family is found infected and the voices of a hopeless people.”

The letter ends by asking the daughters to “listen and judge from the perspective of someone who values humanity” and to ask their father to resign as they believe the daughters voices are always important to their father.


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