Thailand Video News | Man arrested for smuggling cannabis from Bangkok to Sri Lanka, Ex-narcotics chief advises on evading arrest, calling for violence against comedian

In this video, Alex covers the news stories from across the country. Beginning with a man has been apprehended for his involvement in smuggling cannabis from Bangkok to Sri Lanka, highlighting the ongoing battle against drug trafficking. Meanwhile, former narcotics chief offers advice on avoiding arrest, sparking concern with his call for violence against a comedian. In a lighter turn of events, the province of Phayao experiences an unexpected phenomenon as rain unleashes a frenzy of balloon frogs. Amidst these varied headlines, the worlds of social media and cinema converge as a viral sensation graces the silver screen at the premier of Planet of the Apes in Bangkok. Additionally, travellers rejoice as Cebu Pacific announces direct flights to Don Mueang, enhancing connectivity between Thailand and the Philippines.

Ex-Narcotics Chief’s Video Advocating Violence Causes Public Outcry

A video featuring Police Lieutenant General Rewat Klinkesorn, the former head of the Narcotics Suppression Bureau, has sparked widespread public outrage after he was caught advising a teacher on how to have students assault comedian Udom Taepanich without leaving evidence that could lead to an arrest. His remarks appeared to endorse violence while revealing methods to evade police detection, drawing significant criticism. The conversation also included allegations of disrespect by Udom towards the monarchy, a sensitive issue in Thailand, further fueling the controversy. The incident has ignited debates on the ethics of law enforcement, freedom of expression, and the potential dangers of public figures advocating violence while navigating cultural and legal norms.


Man Caught Smuggling Cannabis Worth 60 million baht on AirAsia Flight to Sri Lanka

A 32-year-old club dancer was arrested at Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) for attempting to smuggle cannabis worth 500 million Sri Lankan Rupees (about 61 million baht) into Sri Lanka. His plan was foiled by the Police Narcotics Division, who discovered 5 kilograms of Kush hidden in 36 parcels inside his luggage upon arrival from Bangkok on AirAsia flight FD-140. The Police Narcotics Bureau emphasised their commitment to combating such illicit activities, viewing this seizure as a significant victory in their fight against drug trafficking, according to the Daily Mirror Sri Lanka.


Comedian Seeks Justice After Being Blamed for Accident by Drunk Driver

Prasert Prasertsunthon, a 43-year-old Thai comedian known as Tummeng Terd Terng, is fighting for justice after a drunk driver blamed him for a car accident on Bangkok’s Ratchaphruek Road. The incident occurred on March 21 when a 53-year-old woman driving a Mercedes Benz, who admitted to being intoxicated, collided with plastic barriers, causing them to obstruct traffic. Prasert swerved to avoid the barriers, resulting in a collision with the Mercedes. Despite testing negative for alcohol, Prasert was charged with reckless driving after a former senior soldier reportedly influenced the police to shift the blame onto him. Prasert is now seeking a fair resolution, as he insists that the driver, who was over the legal alcohol limit, admitted her fault but changed her story following the soldier’s intervention. The police and the soldier have not yet clarified their involvement.


Cebu Pacific Launches Direct Flights from Manila to Don Mueang Airport

Cebu Pacific is introducing direct flights between Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 and Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport (DMK), operating thrice weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays starting July 16. This expansion increases the airline’s Manila-Bangkok services to 17 weekly flights, offering travellers easier access to Thailand’s vibrant culture. Xander Lao, President and Chief Commercial Officer, emphasised the importance of Bangkok as a major destination, noting its rich cultural heritage and delectable cuisine. Bangkok has been a key location for Cebu Pacific since 2006, and the airline also operates daily flights from Clark to Bangkok. With a network covering 35 domestic and 24 international destinations, Cebu Pacific remains dedicated to offering accessible, affordable travel.


Seasonal Delicacy Boosts Income in Phayao as Rain Spurs Balloon Frog Craze

The early rainy season in Phayao province has sparked a frenzy as the prized local delicacy, balloon frog or “eung pao,” becomes available, creating bustling markets and a surge in income for villagers. The frogs, highly sought after for their culinary value, can fetch up to 600 baht per kilogramme, especially females with eggs. Their emergence during breeding season following recent showers has villagers racing to catch them and sell them at morning markets, providing a significant economic boost. Priced at 30 to 50 baht per individual or up to 600 baht per kilogramme, the frogs are incorporated into various dishes like sour curry, roasted, fried, or grilled, with a preference for the females due to their flavorful eggs. Their seasonal appearance offers both a rare culinary delight and a substantial source of income for locals who harvest these frogs to meet the high demand of culinary enthusiasts.


Viral Photo Star Appears at Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Premiere in Bangkok

The Thai girl known for the viral image depicting her aiming an air gun at a monkey was the guest of honour at the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes movie premiere in Bangkok’s Siam Paragon mall. The girl, identified as Noey, shared her experiences living with monkey troops in Lop Buri, central Thailand. In February, a wildlife photographer captured an image of Noey holding the air gun for protection against monkeys, which won an award in the 50th European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Her story resonated with the Planet of the Apes film series, leading the studio to invite her to the gala event. During the interview, Noey highlighted how the local community carries weapons to guard against monkey attacks, emphasising her air gun as the scariest deterrent. The viral photo and her account brought attention to the difficulties locals face cohabiting with aggressive monkeys and prompted calls for authorities to implement sustainable population control measures. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is now in cinemas across Thailand.

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