Lucky in lottery: Religious ceremony in Udon Thani promises wealth

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At a revered ritual site in Udon Thani, a large crowd gathered for a ceremony believed to unlock wealth and prosperity. Participants fixated on numbers they hoped would bring luck in the next lottery draw on May 16.

In the serene precincts of the Naga King’s land at Ban Non-Mueang in Udon Thani, a grand ceremony took place yesterday, invoking the blessings of the revered local deities, Father Sri Suttho and Mother Sri Pathumma.

Spiritual leaders, including Teetil Tawan Nakawat, Khek Sai Mu, Robert, and Dr Anon, the son of the Naga king and founder of the only Father Sri Suttho’s castle in Thailand, led the community in a ritual to open the treasure trove of the deities, aiming to boost the fortunes of all attendees.

The ceremony was marked by the lighting of candles and incense, intended to invoke divine favour and foster wealth. It drew people from all walks of life, each seeking to elevate their financial and personal well-being.

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The date of the ceremony, May 9, was itself considered auspicious, symbolising prosperity and growth. Teetil Tawan Nakawat, along with other spiritual guides, was there to help followers enhance their fortune. It was a moment of hope, particularly for those whose zodiac signs, like Aries, Taurus, Cancer, and even the supposedly unlucky Virgo, were said to benefit from the ritual’s auspicious influence.

Amid the chanting and the fervent prayers, the lead officiant, Khek Sai Mu, accompanied by Dr Anon, performed the key rituals, igniting candles to beckon mystical wealth from the Naga King. The culmination of the event featured traditional dance offerings, further amplifying the sacred atmosphere.

Those who came in search of lucky numbers to play in the upcoming lottery were not disappointed. As the ceremony concluded, several participants claimed to have seen auspicious sequences like 265, 562, as well as 612 and 216 from the incense sticks at the altar, reported KhaoSod.

These numbers were eagerly noted, with many hoping they would translate into a windfall on May 16.

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