Thailand Video News | Tourists flee as tuk tuk leader threatens taxi driver in Patong, Student electrocuted turning off water dispenser at Thai school

In today’s Thailand Video News, Alex and Jay talk about the confrontation between a tuk tuk tour leader and Patong taxi driver causing tourists to flee to safety. A student at a high school in Trang Province has been fatally electrocuted after turning on a water dispenser at a school sports day. Police have arrested two people in Chiang Rai for smuggling methamphetamine tablets in avocado boxes and Thailand has approved a 3.75-trillion-baht budget for the 2025 fiscal year. An alert has been issued to 43 provinces warning of flash floods and strong winds for the next three days, while a baby spitting cobra hiding in a new motorcycle triggered a three hour rescue mission. Cambodian artifacts previously stolen from temples have been found in American museums and private collections. Netflix has announced its plans to expand film productions in Southeast Asia, highlighting new premiering films from Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Tourists flee as tuk tuk leader threatens taxi driver in Patong

A confrontation occurred in Patong when a local tuk tuk leader threatened a metered taxi driver outside Jungceylon. The incident began when the taxi picked up two foreign tourists in a tuk tuk-designated area. Fearing for their safety, the tourists quickly exited the taxi. The tuk tuk leader continued to threaten the driver, insisting the area was restricted to tuk tuks. The scene was captured on video. The taxi driver, Dam, expressed frustration and called for peaceful dispute resolution. A police report was filed, but no legal action has been taken yet.

Student electrocuted turning off water dispenser at Thai school

A tragic incident occurred at a high school in Kantang District, Trang Province, where a student was electrocuted while turning off a water dispenser during a school sports day. The event, captured on video and shared on social media, showed the student lying motionless as onlookers hesitated to assist due to fear of electrocution. Eventually, the student was pulled away using a cloth, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. The incident has sparked widespread grief and criticism over the delayed response. Initial suspicions suggest an electrical leak, worsened by rain, caused the fatal electrocution.

Police arrest two in Chiang Rai over meth smuggling in avocados

Police in Chiang Rai arrested two individuals, Sunittra (28) and Watthana (29), for smuggling 1.5 million methamphetamine tablets hidden in avocado boxes. The operation, linked to a prior seizure involving pineapples, began with a tip about drug parcels sent via a private delivery service in Mae Chan. Officers found ten boxes labeled as avocados, each containing meth tablets marked with a football club crest, totaling 1.5 million tablets. The investigation connected the suspects to an earlier case where a man, Kai, discovered nearly a million meth tablets hidden in pineapple boxes. The suspects are charged with meth distribution, and the investigation continues.

Thailand approves 3.75-trillion-baht budget for 2025 fiscal year

Thailand’s House of Representatives approved a 3.75-trillion-baht budget for the 2025 fiscal year with 311 votes in favor, 175 against, and two abstentions. A special 72-member House committee will scrutinize the bill within 30 days. Deputy Prime Minister Phumtham Wechayachai thanked MPs for their input and emphasized efficient spending for economic growth. Move Forward Party’s Pita Limjaroenrat proposed tax reforms and a transparent budget process. The budget includes 2.88 trillion baht in tax revenue and an 865 billion baht loan to cover the deficit, with significant allocations for investment and a digital wallet handout.

Thailand warns 43 provinces of flash floods and strong winds

Thailand’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department (DPMD) has issued an urgent alert for 43 provinces to prepare for flash floods, forest runoff, stagnant flooding, and strong winds over the next three days. The alert follows increased rainfall predictions by the Meteorological Department. Provinces at risk include Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and others across northern, northeastern, central, and southern regions. Local authorities are on standby, monitoring rainfall and ready to provide emergency assistance. Coastal areas are warned of strong winds, and residents are advised to stay updated on weather conditions via the THAI DISASTER ALERT app and the safety hotline 1784.

Cobra in new motorcycle sparks three-hour rescue in Ayutthaya

In Ayutthaya, a spitting cobra caused a three-hour rescue mission after slithering into a new motorcycle. The 46-year-old owner, Vanatchaphon Chailinfa, who recently acquired the vehicle and its license plate, believes the snake might bring good luck. Emergency services were called to Moo 2, Sam Ruean Subdistrict, where neighbors gathered around the Honda PCX motorcycle. Despite initial difficulties locating the snake, the rescue team eventually found the baby cobra under the handlebars. Using a stick, they successfully captured and released the snake after three hours. Vanatchaphon plans to use the license plate number as a lucky charm for the lottery.

How Cambodian artifacts stolen from temples ended up in American museums, private collections

Cambodian artifacts, stolen from temples during decades of turmoil, have ended up in American museums and private collections. The looting became a global business led by British collector Douglas Latchford, who sold or donated many pieces to prestigious institutions. Cambodia has spent the last decade recovering these treasures, aided by former looters. Despite Latchford’s death, U.S. authorities continue to trace his illicit activities. Recently, major museums like the Met have started returning some artifacts. The Cambodian government is pushing for the repatriation of more pieces, considering them the soul of the nation.

Netflix showcases South East Asian slate of films and series

Netflix is expanding its production in Southeast Asia, highlighting new films and series from top regional filmmakers. At a showcase in Jakarta, Netflix announced major projects, including Indonesia’s first zombie feature “Abadi Nan Jaya” by Kimo Stamboel, a crime drama “Borderless Fog” by Edwin, and Joko Anwar’s horror anthology “Nightmares and Daydreams.” Additionally, the Philippines’ zombie film “Outside” and Thailand’s period sex comedy “Doctor Climax” were showcased. “The Shadow Strays,” an action film by Timo Tjahjanto, also promises global appeal. Netflix continues to lead in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines through strategic investments in local content.

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