Student electrocuted turning off water dispenser at Thai school

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A tragic incident unfolded at a high school in Kantang District, Trang Province, leaving a student dead from electrocution while attempting to turn off a water dispenser. The event, which occurred during a school sports day, was captured on video and shared on social media, causing widespread shock and grief.

The video, posted on the Facebook pages กันตัง บ้านเรา and ข่าวตรัง News in Trang, depicts a male student dressed in a blue shirt and black pants lying motionless by the water dispenser. The student had been asked by a teacher to turn off the switch when he was electrocuted. The tragedy took place inside the school as heavy rain poured down.

In the footage, several teachers, school administrators, fellow students, medical staff, and a school guard are seen hesitating to assist the student due to the fear of being electrocuted themselves. Nearly two minutes into the video, someone eventually uses a piece of cloth to pull the student away from the water dispenser by his ankle. Despite being rushed to the hospital, the student was pronounced dead.

“This incident happened during a school sports event in Trang. The student was asked by a teacher to turn off the water switch,” the post accompanying the video stated.

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The video quickly went viral, with many people expressing their sorrow and frustration over the delayed response in providing help. Comments poured in on both Facebook pages, with many criticising the slow rescue efforts and the apparent lack of preparedness in handling such emergencies.

Initial suspicions point to a possible electrical leak from the water dispenser and tap, exacerbated by the wet conditions due to the rain, which likely led to the fatal electrocution.

In related news, a Thai woman suffered serious injuries after she was electrocuted while getting off a tagada ride at an amusement park in the central province of Lopburi.

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