Clumsy burglar injures himself after trying to steal in Chon Buri

PHOTO: TMN Cable TV Pattaya

In what some might call a major incident of karma, a clumsy burglar injured himself while trying to steal from a room in Chon Buri‘s main city district.

A witness and neighbour of the victim, Thongchai, said he saw the burglar riding his motorcycle back and forth around the area. Thongchai then called the property owner and went to check the rooms on the second floor. He found the burglar rummaging through the room.

The burglar said he was looking for a water faucet, but Thongchai didn’t buy it. The burglar then bolted for the door and jumped off a second-floor landing.

But when the burglar hit the ground, he badly sprained his ankle. Whoops. A crowd of Good Samaritans then surrounded the burglar, cornering him until the police arrived. The burglar was found to be 35 years old, according to The Pattaya News. Police reports said he refused to speak.

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There have been a few burglaries in eastern Thailand in the past month. Last month, a burglar managed to snatch more than 50,000 baht from a Chinese woman in East Pattaya. The crook smashed the victim’s window and rummaged through the victim’s closet.

Also last month, another burglar stole 1,00 baht of donation money from a woman’s room in Pattaya.

In August, a thief snatched money from a donation tree at a noodle restaurant. CCTV caught the thief breaking through a thin wall of the restaurant at night, before grabbing the cash from the donation tree worth 2,000 baht.

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