Thai industries want to produce energy to combat rising costs

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A survey by the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) revealed that Thailand’s industrial sector wants to produce its own electricity to combat the rising cost of energy but they need government support to make it work.

The Office of the Energy Regulatory Commission announced in August this year that the fuel adjustment rate for electricity would be raised to about 0.93 baht per unit from September to December. The increasing fuel adjustment rate put the electricity price at 4.72 baht per unit, up from the former price of four baht per unit.

For example, a householder that uses about 72 units of electricity per month used to pay 264 baht but now has to pay 313 baht while someone who uses about 332 units per month now has to pay 1,645, while before it was about 1,418 baht.

The Vice President of the FTI, Montri Mahaphrukpong, revealed last Friday, September 30, that the 21st CEO survey of the federation was out. The main topic discussed was “The Industrial Perspectives on the Liberalisation of Alternative Energy.”

The survey was distributed among the FTI’s 220 members, made up of executives from 45 different industries and 76 provincial industrial councils across the country.

The poll revealed that most industry executives wanted to generate electricity for their own use and that solar energy would be a perfect choice for the industrial sector.

Most executives also agreed that the government should improve energy liberalisation measures to make it more convenient for the private sector to generate its own energy.

They suggested the government allow each industry to sell its excess power to the government. The industry believes that this measure would encourage them to generate electricity and help reduce greenhouse gases.

The executives also urged the government to immediately set up a one-stop service department to take care of the registration and permission for electricity generation.

The members of FTI predict that the energy demand for 2023 will increase by 10% because of the post-pandemic economy, increasing foreign tourists, and expanding exports.


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