Jerk steals donation money from Pattaya noodle restaurant

Chotika points out how the thief got in, photo by The Pattaya News, edited.

A massive jerk has snatched money off of a donation tree at a Pattaya noodle restaurant this week. CCTV caught the thief breaking through a thin wall of the restaurant on Monday night, before grabbing the cash from the donation tree worth 2,000 baht. The suspect wore shorts and a t-shirt. The disheartened restaurant owner, 36 year old Chotika Chantakot, told The Pattaya News…

“He acted as if he wanted to change his mind for a moment, but his conscience eventually failed him.”

Chotika said she was curious to know why the man left a 20 baht banknote on the tree. She said she couldn’t see the thief’s face because he had seen the camera and put his mask on. Chotika now urges other owners to secure their restaurants, since the crook is still on the loose.

This sadly is not the first time a thief in Pattaya has stolen from hardworking small business owners, many of whom are recovering from Covid-19’s economic devastation. Just last month, a thief in the city stole packs of eggs from several local egg merchants. One egg merchant said the thief had stolen eggs worth over 8,600 baht from her.

Hopefully, the crook who stole Chotika’s 2,000 baht will be caught, and she’ll get her money back.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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Tara Abhasakun

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