Man savaged to death by three pit bulls

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A man was savaged to death by three pit bulls in the Isaan province of Udon Thani. The owner of the dogs is distraught and revealed he will find a new home for the dogs to avoid the same fate in the future.

Pornchai Ritmaha was attacked by three pit bulls last night at about 8pm. The 47 year old man was walking past a neighbour’s house when the three pit bulls suddenly attacked him.

Pornchai had many wounds all over his body but the pit bulls were particularly brutal to his genitals, arms, and legs. They tore the main artery and made him lose a lot of blood and he later died in hospital.

The pit bulls belonged to Pornchai’s 56 year old neighbour, Sakchai Buasi.

Sakchai told the media that he was not at home when the incident happened, speculating that someone must have left the front door open allowing the dogs to attack Pornchai.

Sakchai said the dogs were male, he’d had them for two years, and it was the first time they attacked anyone.

He said he would find a new home for all of them. Sakchai added that he is sorry for his neighbour’s death and was willing to take responsibility for it.

Pornchai was reported to live alone and suffered from mental health problems but never caused any problems to anyone in the community. He worked and took care of himself like everyone else.

The victim’s brother, 67 year old Kuson Ritmaha, said that he was sad about the loss of his younger sibling, adding he did not feel angry with the dog owner.

Kuson’s wife, Noopian Ritmaha, was also sad Pornchai died. The 59 year old said people should not keep these types of dogs as a pet because there was always a risk that they would hurt others.

Pornchai’s family did not file a complaint against the dog’s owner but welcomed support for Pornchai’s funeral.

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