‘Nazi’ the Pit Bull mauls its owner in northeast Thailand

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A pit bull mauled and seriously injured its owner – who named it “Nazi” – in Nakhon Ratchasima province in northeast Thailand.

At 2pm yesterday, Korat rescue workers were called to a two-storey house on Soi Thaekingphon 5 in Mueang district, where they found the dog’s 60 year old owner Supaporn seriously injured and lying in a pool of blood on the concrete floor outside.

“Nazi” bit Supaporn in the neck and upper arm causing “gaping wounds” which bled heavily. She was given first aid to stop the bleeding and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Supaporn’s husband locked the male pit bull inside the house, which was still acting “violently.”

The couple said that “Nazi” attacked out of jealousy after Supaporn began feeding a street dog named “Chao Kao.” Chao Kao walked by the house looking for snacks and water, which is when “Nazi” pounced on his owner.

Supaporn’s husband said “Nazi” wouldn’t let go of his wife and he had to use an iron rod to pry the savage dog’s jaw from her body. The couple have raised “Nazi”, who is now 6 years old since he was a puppy.

Duangduan Rodya, a neighbour, said she ran over to the house yesterday when she heard screaming. Duangduan said that blood was “pouring” from Supaporn, who had been badly bitten by her pet dog.

The neighbour said she had regularly helped to take care of “Nazi” over the years. The neighbour said she certainly wouldn’t be looking after the dog again.

No one commented on the dog’s offensive name.

SOURCE: Matichon | INN News

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