Korat governor Kobchai Boon-Orana urges residents to self-quarantine

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Many people are still careless”, says Korat governor Kobchai Boon-Orana

Inhabitants of the northeastern province Nakhon Ratchasima (AKA Korat) are being encouraged to self-quarantine by their governor Kobchai Boon-Orana. The measure is to keep residents safe from Covid. The advice is in keeping with the fact that vaccinated inhabitants are not close enough to the number needed to build herd immunity.

Kobchai issued this suggestion in an open letter today. In the letter he says how new Covid variants are more contagious, thus, a rise in infections has occurred as well as the number of patients in serious condition and fatalities in Thailand.

“Since we are still far from achieving herd immunity through vaccination, it is necessary for us to protect ourselves. Many people are still careless, overlook safety, continue to travel and take part in activities conducive to being infected“, says governor Kobchai.

The governor continued to say it is for these reasons that it’s necessary for the provincial communicable disease committee to strengthen preventive measures to reduce close contact among people. Kobchai asks people to self-quarantine, to eschew leaving their homes if possible, cut back on travel, avoid gatherings/crowded places and adhere to health safety guidance when near people who are considered at risk.

Previously, the provincial communicable disease committee declared several measures to combat the pandemic, such as a 9 pm to 4 am curfew that started July 20 and “ends” August 2.

Governor Kobchai did not say how long people should self-quarantine for.

Last month, all Korat prisons were declared Covid free.

Earlier today Thai doctors issued the dire warning that if the situation does not improve, worst-case scenario, there could be 32,000 cases a day in 3 months time.

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SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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