Police arrest 21 in Thong Lor party: drugs, alcohol, and birthday cake found

PHOTO: Royal Thai Police/Facebook

Thong Lor has again made the news for people partying. Recently, police raided a hotel room in Thong Lor, Bangkok. They arrested 21 suspects for allegedly taking drugs and breaking the emergency decree that forbids groups from gathering.

The Thong Lor police were alerted that a hotel room on Soi Sukhumvit 31 was full of people being loud and not social distancing. When police arrived at the hotel room, a “Mr Patima” let them inside. Inside, the police did indeed find loud music and people not social distancing. The group was also imbibing alcohol and taking drugs, say police.

The police say they found methamphetamines and 4 bags of the anaesthetic ketamine, which is used recreationally for its relaxing properties. The police also say there was a birthday cake found at the scene. Mr Patima was charged with drug use.

The police brought the suspects to the Thong Lor police station for further legal proceedings, including testing their urine for drugs.

It was not stated whose birthday it was or if the cake was just for fun.

Back in April, 2 nightclubs in Thong Lor infamously led to a spate of Covid outbreaks. Then, last month, more partyers tried their luck at partying in Thong Lor and were also arrested.

SOURCE: Royal Thai Police

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