Woman gives birth on ferry from Koh Chang to Trat

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod

A sudden birth took place at sea when a Cambodian woman delivered her fifth child aboard a ferry with her husband by her side. The dramatic event unfolded early this morning during the ferry’s journey from Koh Chang island to Laem Ngop district in Trat province.

The association Sawang Boonchueylue Thammasathan Trat was alerted to the incident at approximately 7.30am today, March 17.

The ferry had reached the pier when the emergency response team found the 34 year old woman, Ruean Preing, on the second deck, just after she had given birth to a healthy baby girl, weighing 3,370 grammes ( 7.4 pounds). The woman and her newborn were immediately attended to by the responders and were subsequently taken to Laem Ngop Hospital for further care.

Ruean and her husband were travelling to Laem Ngop for personal errands when she unexpectedly went into labour. Fortunately, a nurse from a nearby hospital was present and stepped in to assist with the delivery, ensuring the safety of both mother and child, reported KhaoSod.

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In related news, in a tale straight out of a gripping Hollywood movie, a Thai airline pilot stepped up to the plate as the heroic Bruce Willis/John McClane-type protagonist to deliver a baby after a pregnant mother went into labour on a flight from Taiwan to Bangkok.

The courageous Thai pilot, Jakarin Sararnrakskul, reportedly lacked medical training beyond basic first aid but he took to his new role as a midwife like a duck to water, to deliver a beautiful baby boy

With nearly two decades of piloting experience, Jakarin was at the helm of a four-hour VietJet Airbus A320 flight from Taipei to Bangkok on Friday, February 23, when the emergency unfolded. Responding to the cabin crew’s alert, he left the cockpit, leaving his female co-pilot to navigate the aircraft, and rushed to assist the woman in Labour.

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