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  • Thailand News

    Skeletons of three infants found in 70 year old woman’s wardrobe

    A 70 year old Japanese woman in Osaka alarmed police with a phone call stating she had just given birth. Upon arrival at her home, officers discovered the skeleton remains of three infants hidden in a wardrobe for around 40 years. The woman from Daito, Osaka, Japan, made a sudden call to the police on Thursday, May 25, vaguely claiming…

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    Myanmar woman gives birth in hotel lobby, traffic police assist safe delivery

    A pregnant Myanmar woman safely gave birth in a hotel lobby with assistance from the Thai traffic police force known as Traffic Police Royal Initiative Project. This marks the 257th emergency childbirth event aided by the police force. On 26 May, Pol. Lt. Gen. Nithithorn Chinthakanon, Commander of the Traffic Police Division, shared that the incident happened yesterday at a…

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    Thai student gives birth and hides baby on fire escape

    A 19 year old Thai student left her newborn baby on a fire escape after giving birth, having kept her pregnancy a secret from friends and family. Her 19 year old boyfriend found out only after discovering the baby on the fire escape. This morning police in the city of Pak Kret in Nonthaburi province received reports from concerned citizens…