Wedding photo dispute sparks social media backlash as disappointed Thai bride seeks sponsors for reshoot


A social media feud erupted over wedding photos between a recently married Thai couple and their photographer due to dissatisfaction with the quality of the 4,000 baht pictures in central Thailand.

The bride openly voiced her disappointment, even seeking sponsors to fund a redo of the wedding shoot. However, the photographer later clarified the situation, resulting in public backlash and a shift in public opinion.

The bride’s post on social media prominently showcased her dissatisfaction with the wedding photographs she had paid £80 for. Her dissatisfaction was so profound that she expressed a desire for the pictures to be redone.

“Anyone who attended my wedding knows how it turned out. But for those who didn’t, the only decent photos I have are these. I’m crying over this.

“It’s okay, I have money, and I will redo my wedding. I’ll invite everyone, and there’s no need to bring envelopes. But this time, I want to carefully select the photographer. I don’t trust anyone anymore. I want to redo my wedding with the same person but with a new photographer. Or maybe, I can have my brother do it. He doesn’t charge a single baht, and his pictures turn out great. I won’t credit this photographer. He’s not good.

“This is what a 4,000 baht photo shoot looks like. Almost all the pictures are like this. He took over a thousand photos, but I could only use the ones he displayed on his page. I want to redo my wedding. Does anyone pity me enough to sponsor me? This is the first time I’ve been so disappointed in my 29 years of life.”

Photographer snaps back

The photographer didn’t waste any time addressing the wedding photo dispute controversy, sharing his side of the story. He explained that he did his best given the setting and location of the house.

“I almost died but I’m still alive. Thank you for all the support. I’m a lone photographer. I take photos and organize beautiful events at Khun Mak Sing Organise, Chanthaburi.

“First of all, I apologize if you didn’t like our work. About the duration of storing image files, we sent them via Google Drive and set the storage duration for seven days. If you didn’t like the photos due to the repetitive or skewed angles, it was due to the limited space at the house.

“If you don’t like our work, I apologize. I would like everyone to see all the pictures and feel free to criticize. I accept it all.”

The photographer’s response sparked a wave of public sympathy, leading to a flurry of comments. The bride eventually deleted her post following the backlash on social media, reported KhaoSod.

“With a budget of 4,000 baht, you want a 40,000 baht job.”

“The place was so narrow, what else could he do?”

“I understand the situation given the cost. Support both sides. From my experience as a wedding photographer, the location contributes 80% to the work, and the hotel sometimes does a great job. Even if you use a mobile phone to take pictures, they come out beautiful. This case isn’t about the cost of hiring the photographer, but the location. Tell the bride to check her location before creating drama.”

“Before blaming the photographer, blame your own taste first.”

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