Bride-to-be’s dowry dispute fuels social media advice forum

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A hot topic doing the rounds on social media recently highlighted the dilemma of a young woman seeking advice regarding her upcoming marriage due to a dispute concerning the dowry. The woman, who initiated the discussion, explained that a recent meeting between her and her partner’s families to discuss the marriage and dowry did not go as expected.

Previously, both families had reached an agreement on a dowry of 300,000 baht and 2 baht of gold. Her family had inquired if this was feasible, and her partner’s family had concurred. However, during their latest discussion, her partner brought along relatives from different provinces to witness the agreement. Initially, things went smoothly until the topic of the dowry came up, and the relatives insisted on renegotiating the terms.

She remained steadfast in her insistence on the original agreement because the money was intended to finance the purchase of a car after the marriage, a plan her partner also supported for business purposes. Upon hearing her stand, the over 20 relatives began to ridicule her with statements such as…

“If you don’t reduce the dowry, one word from us will be enough.”

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“We are planning to get married next year, can we pay 150,000 first, and the other 150,000 in 2 to 3 years?”

“Are you using this money for the wedding or to build a house?”

“Why are you spending so much on a wedding?”

“If you don’t have 300,000 on the wedding day, we won’t take responsibility.”

“If you want 300,000, wait another three to four years.”

Following these comments, the relatives showed their displeasure and left, leaving her partner’s father and two other relatives behind to discuss the wedding date with her family. Fortunately, her partner’s father confirmed that they were ready and wanted to expedite the wedding.

The dowry dispute situation has left her stressed and upset. Even though they were all relatives, they disrespected her and her family. Her partner, on the other hand, remained silent and simply told her not to argue with his relatives. She was highly uncomfortable with the idea of marrying into such a family and sought advice on how to handle the situation, reported KhaoSod.

Internet users offered their opinions, with many advising her not to worry too much. They suggested that if her partner’s parents were willing to pay the agreed dowry, she should not concern herself overly with the relatives. As the parents on both sides had reached an agreement, the matter should be considered settled.

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