Man divorces wife over iPhone 15 Pro Max purchase for father

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A family feud has been ignited by the latest model of a smartphone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. A Chinese man’s decision to purchase a new model for his father before his wife led to a marital dispute that culminated in his filing for divorce.

The man explained in a social media post that his father is very frugal and had been using his first smartphone, an iPhone 6 Plus until it broke down last month. He decided to buy his father the latest iPhone, not anticipating it would cause a row with his wife.

Once his wife discovered he had purchased the newest iPhone model for his father, she expressed her dissatisfaction, questioning why he hadn’t bought her one first. She labelled the purchase of an expensive phone for an older person as wasteful, even showing him photos of other men who had bought the iPhone 15 for their wives as a declaration of their love, reported ctwant.

The wife’s reaction greatly upset the man, who had bought her a new smartphone every year. She had switched to the iPhone 14 Pro Max less than six months after using her previous phone, and he had said nothing. This time, he had bought his father a new phone out of respect, and his wife was complaining.

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After some contemplation, he decided to file for divorce. Despite his wife claiming she had nowhere to go, no money, and no house, he stated it was not his problem and threatened to sue if she refused the divorce.

The man concluded by expressing his gratitude towards the iPhone 15 Pro Max for revealing his wife’s true character.

He felt guilty that his father had to endure his daughter-in-law for so long, as he was often away working and only sent money home for his wife to manage the household expenses.

He realised his wife had never cared for his father, not even concerning herself with his meals, which prompted his firm decision to sever ties with her.

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