Thai workers stage ‘regulation rebellion’ against Burmese manager in protest near Bangkok

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More than 1,000 Thai workers at a company in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok protested against a Burmese manager for reportedly implementing unjust regulations, insulting his workers, and attempting to replace Thai staff with Burmese nationals.

The superintendent of Bang Sao Thong Police Station, and the Samut Prakarn Provincial Labour Protection and Welfare Department, rushed to the factory yesterday, September 26, to restore order amidst the protest.

The protesters gathered outside the company, brandishing signs bearing messages like “We don’t want a Burmese manager, stop giving managerial positions to Burmese, get out!”

One of the company’s workers told Channel 3 that the Burmese manager had caused chaos in the company since he was appointed six months ago. The manager was said to have issued rules that violated the rights of the workers.

For example, employees were prohibited from using toilet paper, and sanitary towels and denied access to drinking water while those with medical conditions were banned from bringing medicine to the workplace.

One worker further detailed that the Burmese manager exhibited disrespectful behaviour towards the labour force. According to the worker, the Burmese manager threw so-called substandard workpieces to the ground and kicked them. He also complained to the workers in a rude and abrasive manner.

The worker added that the Burmese manager also tried to terminate all Thai employees with the intention of replacing them with Burmese nationals. Each worker felt pressured and decided to protest against the manager.

The superintendent of Bang Sao Thong Police Station, Rachain Thanantpotjanamart, said that his officers managed to control the protesters and calm them down after talks. Officers listened to their problems and requirements.

Rachain declared his intent to serve as a mediator in negotiations between the workforce and the management. Subsequent updates regarding the progress of these negotiations will be provided later.

As of now, the identity of the Burmese manager and the company in question remain undisclosed.

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