Seaman stains: Luxury yacht stewardess spills the beans, from glass table poops to canine cuddles at sea

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A 39 year old yacht stewardess, Giselle Azueta provides an inside look into the peculiar demands of wealthy customers aboard luxury yachts, from pooping on a glass table to stroking a dog’s ears. The job, while financially rewarding and travel-inclusive, has its fair share of unusual scenarios.

Azueta often shares her work stories on TikTok, revealing the challenging nature of catering to the affluent. Her duties extend beyond serving the rich, she also orchestrates themed dinners and yacht decorations according to guests’ preferences.

“For anyone wanting to enter this industry, this story will help you grow and gain independence.”

However, the daily challenges of Azueta’s job are far from ordinary, frequently involving fulfilling the “ridiculous demands” of the wealthy. One such instance involved a customer who instructed the chef to prepare high-quality steaks for his pet dog every evening, and someone to stroke its ears while it ate, reported Sanook.

“In my next life, I’ve decided to be a rich dog.”

Some guests even requested filling bathtubs with bottled water.

“And during that trip, we filled it with about 400 bottles every day.”

But the most startling incident was when a billionaire offered her US$10,000 (357,000 baht) if she agreed to defecate on a glass table while the billionaire lay underneath.

Despite the stressful nature of the job, Azueta acknowledges that working on a luxury yacht pays well. She admits that the incredible locations, gorgeous sunsets, and friends from around the world make everything worthwhile.

“Everything turns out to be worth it.”

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