Mischievous bride: Groom’s jaw drops as ex-girlfriends play bridesmaids in unexpected wedding twist

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A groom received an unexpected surprise when he arrived to pick up his bride and found that her bridesmaids were all his ex-girlfriends. This unusual event took place at the wedding of a couple from Chongqing, China, after a two-year courtship.

The bride, known as Liu, discovered that some of her friends had previously dated her groom. Instead of being upset, she decided to plan a prank on her soon-to-be husband. Liu invited all the ex-girlfriends to be bridesmaids at their wedding.

When the groom entered the room to collect his bride, he was visibly surprised and confused when he saw the familiar faces of his ex-girlfriends, all dressed in pastel bridesmaid dresses. However, he quickly regained his composure and proceeded with the wedding ceremony.

The groom’s reaction pleased his bride greatly, demonstrating his lack of lingering feelings for his ex-partners. The wedding continued smoothly without any jealousy or resentment, allowing the couple to breathe a sigh of relief, reported Sanook.

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This story quickly gained interest online after it was shared on social networks, sparking a lively and diverse discussion.

“The bride is wickedly playful and it’s lucky that the groom managed to stay calm and nothing bad happened.”

“The bride is understanding and doesn’t care that her friends were her husband’s old flames.”

“Even though nothing happened, inviting your husband’s exes to be bridesmaids is not a good idea.”

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A resident of the Huaiyang area was overjoyed when his then-girlfriend announced her pregnancy. The couple, who had met online, quickly planned a lavish wedding, which went off without a hitch. However, just three days after their joyful celebration, the bride vanished, taking with her gifts and jewellery worth around 10,000 yuan (49,000 baht). Read more about this story HERE.

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