Home is where the heartache is: Thai boyfriend seeks advice on unemployed girlfriend’s extended stay

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A young man turned to social media for advice after his unemployed girlfriend moved into his family home, sparking a heated debate among netizens. Taking to a popular Thai web forum, Pantip, the man shared his predicament: His girlfriend had lost her job and moved into his parents’ home, initially for a month while she looked for work. However, more than a month has passed and she has yet to find a job, causing tension within the family.

The man explained that his parents were bearing all the living expenses such as food, water, and electricity. Despite discussing with his parents that his unemployed girlfriend should contribute financially, they insisted on taking care of her. He expressed his concern that they were going too far in catering to his girlfriend’s needs and that she should be responsible for some of her expenses.

He revealed that he had talked to his girlfriend about contributing money to the household or buying her own food, but she only acts on it if he tells her to. With her stay exceeding the agreed duration by more than two weeks and no job in sight, he felt that she wasn’t putting in any effort to find work. He was torn about how to approach the situation and worried about how it might impact his relationship with his girlfriend and his parents.

Netizens were divided in their opinions, with some suggesting that he should be more understanding and supportive of his girlfriend during her difficult time, pointing out that jobs are hard to come by in the current economic climate. A few suggested that he should see the positive side of the situation, as his unemployed girlfriend could provide companionship to his parents, who were willingly looking after her.

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However, others sympathized with the man’s predicament, observing that it was not appropriate for his unemployed girlfriend to live in his parents’ home without contributing, especially since they were not married. They advised him to set a deadline for her to find a job and move out, or consider moving out with her and supporting each other, so as not to burden his parents.

Some commenters advised the man to have a straightforward conversation with his girlfriend about his concerns, which might lead to a resolution that satisfies both parties.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, the reactions varied from blaming the man and advising the woman to break up with him, to understanding the man’s perspective and suggesting that the woman should urgently find a job and not burden one party with all the expenses, reported KhaoSod.

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