Python’s lucky twist: Flood refugee brings double lottery fortune (video)

Picture courtesy of @iidonuz TikTok.

A large python seeking refuge from flooding became a source of lottery luck for a homeowner, according to a recent TikTok video by user @iidonuz. The snake, whenever it appeared, was said to coincide with the homeowner’s house number winning the lottery, with two consecutive wins last time.

The video featured the large python crawling on the house’s roof and peering through the window without showing any signs of fear of humans. After a while, the snake crawled away on its own.

The homeowner, who had been experiencing heavy rain for three days, initially thought the noise on the roof was a cat, but suspected it might be a snake, prompting him to notify others in the house.

Upon checking the side window, he confirmed his suspicion – it was a python. After a long deliberation, he decided not to call the rescue team, citing the frequency of the snake’s visits and its association with lottery luck.

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“Every time it comes, the lottery is released. This house number comes out a lot. The previous round was even two consecutive rounds.”

@iidonuz มากับน้ำจริงๆ เจ้าถิ่น มาทีไร หวยออกบ้านเลขที่ตลอด รอบที่แล้วออก2งวดติด #งูขึ้นบ้า #แขกมาเยี่ยม ♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – idonut5665

After the video was posted, numerous internet users flocked to comment, eagerly asking for the house number, reported Sanook. A number expert chimed in to help analyse, asking, whether it is 72 for two consecutive rounds.

“It came out consecutively on June 1, 272 and June 16, 872. Just guessing.”

While some asked why he didn’t call the rescue team to capture the snake, the homeowner responded that he couldn’t catch it.

“The rescue team said it’s in the neighbour’s area, can’t go in there. Had to drive it another way. Have driven it away and sprayed repellent.”

Several users suggested that the snake would return soon, to which the homeowner responded, confirming that it had indeed returned in less than two hours.

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