Viral TikTok video: Thai woman’s online date ends in surprising twist in South Thailand (video)

Picture courtesy of @rof..2541 TikTok.

A TikTok user @rof..2541 posted a video about an online date that instantly went viral, featuring a young woman from Hat Yai in South Thailand. The video recounts her experience of meeting a man she chatted with online, which ended in an unexpected twist.

In the video, Som holds up a picture she had previously sent to the man, who responded by saying he would come to meet her. Upon meeting, he excused himself to park his car and then disappeared.

The video sparked a slew of comments from netizens, one of whom humorously noted that it wasn’t a case of being not as advertised, but rather, a completely different book, reported Sanook.

However, the majority of viewers found Som endearing due to her cheerful demeanour throughout the video. The original poster of the video said she is adorable.

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“She’s kind and it’s never boring to talk with her. She always has funny stories. Thank you everyone for acknowledging her cuteness.”

@rof..2541 นั่งรอเธอมาสองเดือนแล้ว #จะสงสารหรือจะขําดี #น้องส้ม #เรื่องฮาเยอะมาก #คุณหลอกดาว #นังตัวดี #ดูให้จบ ♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – Rof mini

Several comments affirmed that they use the same mobile phone brand as Som, confirming that the pictures indeed turned out bright and beautiful.

Last month, a high-profile social media traveller recently shared her travel experience to China where she flew to meet a man only to find out his online profile did not match reality, sparking widespread critique.

The woman, who goes by thaisuperstarinchina on TikTok, posted a series of three videos explaining her saga. Her exploration of this seemingly online deception reality attracted significant criticism.

The TikTok influencer initially met the Chinese man online where they conversed extensively while sharing photos occasionally.

At this time, there was great enthusiasm in looking forward to the meet-up in China. However, she realised his actual appearance was dramatically different from the one projected in the photo exchanges, leading to her disappointment as she had travelled across oceans while bearing high hopes. To read more click HERE.

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