Two year old boy drowns in Chon Buri water well tragedy

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A two year old boy fell into a water well and drowned while playing near his home, leaving his parents heartbroken. The accident occurred yesterday, July 4 at 10pm in Chon Buri province. Police and a rescue team were dispatched to the scene.

A water well, approximately 4 metres deep, was the site of the tragedy. The boy’s lifeless body was discovered submerged near the edge, with his pacifier floating close by. Rescue personnel quickly retrieved the child’s body, amid the anguished cries of his parents, 38 year old Laksi and 35 year old Duanpen, who were overcome with grief. Duanpen fainted after trying to hold her son one last time.

Upon regaining consciousness, Duanpen tearfully recounted the events leading to the accident. She admitted her negligence, explaining that she had left her son alone at home while she went to deliver fish to a relative. When she returned and could not find him, she checked their CCTV footage, which showed him walking inside the house before moving out of the camera’s view. Despite searching until nightfall, they could not locate him and eventually called the rescue team for assistance.

“It was my fault for not watching him carefully.”

The rescue team transported the boy’s body to the hospital for further procedures and initiated a formal investigation into the incident. The family will soon receive his body to conduct religious rites.

The police will continue their investigation to understand the circumstances more clearly, though initial reports suggest no foul play, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, the plot thickens regarding the death of a child who allegedly drowned in the Isaan province of Sisaket. The victim’s four year old classmate and friend reported seeing a man with dark skin taking the three year old girl out of the nursery. Her lifeless body was later found in a swamp 800 metres away.

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